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T-shirt printing in Bristol

Our Bristol T-shirt printing services are designed to help businesses increase their brand awareness through merchandise and promotional clothing. Most of the time, these are printed T-shirts but we can also produce a range of other garments and items such as hoodies and tote bags. We only take orders of 25 items or more. Ask for a quote, our team will be there ready to give personalised attention and advice on the best solutions for you.



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For both printing and embroidery. ‘Standard’ delivery is 5 working days and Express: 48h.


Our friendly printing experts are always ready to offer the best advice tailored to your needs.


Don't believe us? Go read their reviews. We're not making it up. We swear!

Impresión serigrafica en camisetas publicitarias por mayor
Screen printed T-shirts for events
Camisetas publicitarias para eventos de marketing
printing in bulk for events

Garment Printing in Bristol With a Fast Turnaround
and Friendly Customer Service

Trusted by businesses like Shazam UK

Trusted by businesses like Shazam UK

Custom Printed T-shirts for Events, Merchandise and Businesses in Bristol

Whether you’re in the Centre, Clifton, Montpelier, Southville or anywhere else in Bristol, we can help you out. We aim to be the number one screen printing company in the city. Our catalogue features a wide range of garments and items that can adapt to most situations. For example, our experience producing leaver hoodies, we can help music bands, schools, universities and many others. We work with world-renowned brands such as Fruit of the Loom, Gildan and B&C, among others. You’ll also find ethical and sustainable sources like Continental Clothing which manufacture their garments with organic materials and pay their employees proper wages.

Big capacity, latest Screen Printing machines

Big capacity, latest Screen Printing machines

The latest technology in apparel: Embroidery, Digital Printing (DTG), and Screen printing in Bristol

We're known for being one of the best screen printers in Bristol and there's a reason why. We’re experts in printing lots of T-shirts well and fast. Considering how complex productions can get, this is no small feat. All the years in the printing industry have taught us that for these types of jobs, screen printing is usually the best choice. This printing technique is not only known for its high-quality finish but also its speed. On the other hand, digital printing (DTG) is better at recreating complex designs and has more vivid colours in general. It all comes down to the customer and what they need. For other services, like embroidery in Bristol, get in touch to find out more.

T-shirts and bags printed for Tappx event

T-shirts and bags printed for Tappx event

Ask us about our fair trade and organic garments options!

In our catalogue, you’ll find all kinds of brands from the affordable to the high-end, there’s something for everyone. And, now, we’re proud to announce the addition to our catalogue of the organic and ethically sourced garments from Continental Clothing Co. Organic and ethically sourced tend to be confused but they’re not the same. Ethically made (fair trade) stands for having those who made the garment treated fairly. This means decent working conditions like proper wages and regular working hours. While organic means that no pesticides or other types of chemicals were used while harvesting.

We’re more than just T-shirts

Printsome is more than just a printer. Since the beginning, we’ve worked as an agency. We want to help not only our customers but also our employees reach their goals. The person who picks up your call, the designer who goes over your artwork and finally, the delivery man, are consistently improving their skills to make sure you receive your garments in time and of the best possible quality. There’s a reason why our customers keep coming back and that is because once you’re part of Printsome, you’ll always be part of the family. If you want to experience it for yourself, get in touch and one of our experts will give you personalised advice.

How fast will my order be delivered to Bristol?

We can print thousands of garments in a few hours and sometimes (depending on when the order is placed) send them to anywhere else in the country that same day. But how do we do that? At Printsome, when it comes to Fast T-shirt printing, we always aim to adapt to your needs which is why we offer not only one but two delivery services which can adapt to most needs. First, we have our ‘Standard’ delivery which has a turnaround of 5 to 10 days and then, we offer an ‘Express’ service which can deliver orders in 2 to 4 days. Sometimes, we can even deliver in 24 hours but this will depend exclusively on the order details. If you have a looming deadline and need promotional clothing for yesterday, then make sure to place your order before noon. This will give us enough time to prepare everything. There are more things you can do to help speed things along. To begin with, have your design ready and properly formatted from the very beginning. Then, we would appreciate it if you had an address by hand. And then, finally, have your preferred method of payment ready to go.

Why should I choose Printsome over others?

Ever since we launched our business back in 2013, our mission has always been to make bulk T-shirt printing as simple as possible. We want to work with brands big and small, to help them increase their brand awareness with merchandise. Our team is composed of a group of highly-trained young professionals who are here to help you hit your goals, regardless of the size of your budget. Over the years, we’ve worked with several event planners and brand managers. We understand that sometimes there are tight deadlines and high expectations which is why our team is always ready to jump in and get their hands dirty. After 17,000 satisfied customers and more than 1 million T-shirts printed all over the UK, we are now happy to announce that we are now offering our services in Bristol. If you have a business in the Scottish capital and are in dire need of printed garments, then this is your chance. If you want to find out more, then don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our T-shirt printing experts will help you.

Who do you work with?

At Printsome, we’ll work with anyone who wants to take their brand to the next level. We have plenty of experience collaborating with brand managers and event organisers. We understand how important it is to make a good impression at a professional event such as a trade show which is why our team is highly trained to recommend the best possible screen printed T-shirts for these occasions. Our products are perfect to be used as merchandise whether to sell or giveaway. Don’t forget also to have everyone covered from head to toe with your brand. Printsome also has a lot of experience with human resources managers and their teams. It is normal for them to want uniforms and/or garments for on-boardings. These items made with DTG printing are perfect for internal marketing. There’s quite nothing like having your entire team dressed to the nines with branded garments. They not only instils a sense of pride but also make it easier to identify a staff member. Perfect during corporate events and other professional gatherings where it is imperative to stand out.

Experience the customer service everyone has been talking about

We’ve been providing the UK with an awesome T-shirt printing experience since 2013. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to not only print high-quality garments but also deliver them at neck-braking speeds. We work with sustainable printing machines which not only make efficient use of energy but also use water-based inks. Our embroidery services are top quality and can produce hundreds of garments in a day.
When it comes to delivery times, we offer 72h turnarounds regardless of how big or small the order is. On top of that, since 2018 we’ve been offering print on demand and organic T-shirt printing solutions for entrepreneurs and online store owners. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer solutions to almost any situation and adapt to even the most demanding of customers. From the first call to the moment your package gets delivered - and beyond - our expert will advise you on every step of the way. Whether as merchandise, uniform or for retail purposes, Printsome is here to help.

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