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Personalised Sportswear for All Kinds of Occasions

best performance personalised T-shirts

Some of The Best Performance T-shirts in the Market

Thanks to the advances we’ve seen in textile technology in the past few years, we now have endless options when it comes to a garment’s performance. Whether to stay fresh or stay warm, clothing insulation has been designed to protect the user from the weather. Personalised sports T-shirts also offer wicking which is the technology that allows fabrics to absorb moisture and ‘expel’ it as steam.

T-shirts customised for every sport

Personalised Sports Clothing for All

For cooler weathers, we offer long-sleeve wicking technical T-shirts and also lightweight windproof jackets which can help athletes get through harsh conditions. For the summer months, there are marathon T-shirts specially designed to be more comfortable because they allow better transpiration and prevent chafing around the armpit area. During exercise, our bodies can get very hot, very quickly so it is important for the material of the running T-shirts to be light and designed to keep the wearer fresh.

T-shirts for Marathons and Sporting Events

When selecting a T-shirt for a marathon it is important to consider the material. Our first instinct is always to go for the cotton T-shirt. It’s understandable as cotton is a great fabric for personalised quality sportswear sweatshirts. The problem is that it’s highly absorbent which is not a great idea when doing sports because it would absorb all the sweat. Better fabrics can be found.

Selection of the best custom sportswear:


Screen printing is our most popular technique

Screen printing consists of creating a design on a garment by adding colours one by one. Using mesh screens, the inks are placed on top of each other in layers. This creates not only a good-looking print but also a quality one which will last for a long time.

How to get your printed sportswear?

Once the artwork has been selected and approved, it is time to do the actual customisation. Depending on the type of technique, the custom printed sportswear will undergo different pretreatment processes. Usually, with screen printing, coloured garments will require a white layer of ink printed on to them. Other times it will require a special spray for the colours to attach better, etc. Embroidery services don't need that much preparation but they're not compatible with as many fabrics as a printing technique.

What are the advantages of bulk printing?

There are several reasons why you should consider ordering in bulk for your next project, here are some of the main ones: First, the more you order then the lower the price per unit will be. Second, the quality of all your units is guaranteed to be the same since they were all produced within the same timeframe. Third, the time spent when ordering in bulk is less than when ordering the same items separately. Forth, ordering in bulk reduces the emissions of CO2 as there is less transportation.

Where can I get personalised performance T-shirts?

Whether you need custom printed T-shirts in London or printed T-shirts in Edinburgh, Printsome is the British agency that will make your printing process awesome. As far as we’re concerned, great customer service is built upon four pillars: Communication, attention to detail, honesty and creativity. Simply put, customer service is about pleasing the customer, but not at the expense of the end product’s quality. We listen and, because of our experience, are able to put ourselves in your shoes.

Personalised sports kits for professionals and amateurs

Thanks to transfers like vinyl, personalising a sports kit has never been easier. Basically, we can customise the same garment numerous times with different designs. As you may have guessed, this is perfect to print the names and numbers on the back of players. Embroidery is also a choice for those who may want a more classic touch on their uniforms. Unlike what most people think, elastic fabrics can be embroidered if the proper procedure is followed. For more information, please get in touch.

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