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Experience Top-Quality T-Shirt Printing in Manchester

Explore Manchester's leading T-shirt printing services, brought to you by our highly acclaimed customer support team. Benefit from a complete solution that offers quick turnaround times, outstanding quality, and wide-ranging versatility, tailored to fulfill all your T-shirt printing demands in and around Manchester.


Elevate Your Brand with the highest rated T-Shirt Printing Solutions in Manchester

Dive into the heart of Manchester's T-shirt printing expertise with our industry-leading B2B service. Our team, equipped with over 7 years of specialized experience, commits to delivering unparalleled quality, efficiency, and an extensive selection of options. Explore our rich catalogue brimming with high-quality T-shirts and apparel, all awaiting your custom designs.

Manchester's Trusted T-Shirt Printing Partner

In Manchester, we've forged strong partnerships with local printing experts to offer a seamless, comprehensive custom T-shirt printing experience. Our promise of exceptional customer service is our pledge from the moment we engage. Challenged by urgent deadlines? Our efficient 48-hour delivery service is here to support you. Navigating through budget constraints? Let's collaborate to craft a cost-effective solution tailored just for you.

Quick Quote Process

Just complete our easy 3-minute quote form, and expect a response within 30 minutes.

Efficient Turnaround

Expect standard delivery for printing and embroidery in just 5 days, with an express option available for 48-hour completion.

Customized Consultation

Our team of printing professionals is always at hand to provide you with customized advice and solutions.

Service Excellence Guaranteed

But don’t just take our word for it – our client reviews speak volumes about our award-winning service.

Your local solution for Top-Quality Custom T-Shirt Printing in Manchester. Discover the city's best and swiftest apparel printing service, boasting an impressive 48-hour delivery guarantee.


T-Shirt printing on a different level in Manchester - Local Expertise, Nationwide Reach

From Manchester's vibrant center to every corner of the UK and beyond, our advanced printing capabilities and strategic partnerships enable rapid delivery of your T-shirt printing needs. Catering to Manchester and extending our services UK-wide and into Europe, our proficiency ensures precision and speed for every project. Specializing in B2B solutions, we're poised to support your promotional, event, and merchandise printing with unmatched efficiency.

Choosing Printsome in Manchester Offers:

  • Ultra-Fast Turnaround: Our efficiency ensures your project is completed swiftly.
  • Trusted Quality: Proudly holding a 5-star Trust Pilot rating.
  • Consistent High Quality: We deliver superior results every time.
  • Renowned Service: Our award-winning service sets us apart.
  • Versatile Printing Solutions: Offering a limitless array of custom printing options.

Serving Manchester and the entirety of the UK, we're your trusted partner for all printing needs. :

Fast T-shirt printing to Manchester and the UK
Event T-shirt printing in the UK

Manchester's Premier Event T-Shirt Printing: Amplify Your Brand

Make your brand stand out at every Manchester event with our premium, custom T-shirt printing services. Ideal for marketing events, conferences, exhibitions, or sports gatherings, our team collaborates closely with event agencies and professionals, ensuring your brand shines throughout Manchester and beyond.

Merch T-shirt printing in the UK

Merch T-shirt Printing in the north of England: Enhancing Brand Visibility

Elevate your brand's presence and drive sales with our top-tier merch T-shirt printing services. Renowned for working with big names like Shazam, Rockstar, and leading YouTubers, we're your trusted partner in Manchester for memorable brand merchandising that resonates UK-wide.

Corporate T-shirt printing in the UK

Corporate T-Shirt Printing Solutions in Manchester: Elevating Brand Identity

Our expertly printed T-shirts, hoodies, shirts, and polos are the perfect tools for boosting your business's brand recognition and team spirit across Manchester. We offer affordable, high-quality solutions for businesses, delivering promotional clothing and more to elevate corporate identity.

Personalised Uniforms in the UK

Personalised Uniform Printing in Manchester: Custom Solutions for Your Brand

Our Manchester-based uniform printing services offer custom workwear solutions tailored to your brand's unique requirements. Leveraging diverse printing techniques and the latest technology, we cater to both small and large orders, ensuring your uniforms reflect your brand's professionalism and ethos effectively.

Looking for printed T-shirts in Manchester? Let’s Print!


Manchester's Wholesale Bulk T-shirt Printing Specialist

Wholesale bulk T-shirt printing in the UK

Mass/wholesale printing

Wholesale Printing for Manchester and Beyond: We offer fast, cost-effective, high-quality bulk T-shirt printing solutions. Our expertise in handling large orders—from 20 to thousands—ensures your major events are always well-stocked. With the ability to produce and ship over 10,000 garments weekly, we guarantee efficiency, affordability, and unparalleled quality for every order.

Sustainable printing in the UK

Sustainable T-Shirt Printing Across the North East and beyond

Committed to eco-friendly practices, we partner with Fair Trade Manufacturers to provide organic material T-shirts, printed using environmentally conscious techniques. Our focus on sustainability means delivering products that are not only of the highest quality but also planet-friendly.

Express T-shirt printing in Manchester and the UK

Express T-Shirt Printing in Manchester and Beyond

Need fast T-shirt printing in Manchester? Our rapid service, powered by the quickest printers and couriers, promises impressive 48-hour turnarounds. No matter the size of your order, from 50 to 50,000 units, we ensure speedy delivery without sacrificing quality.

Print on demand with dropshipping in the UK

Innovative Print on Demand and Dropshipping Services

Our print on demand and dropshipping solutions are tailored to simplify your business operations. We manage all aspects, from printing to shipping, offering seamless integration with your online store for a hassle-free production and logistics experience.

Additional Services to Enhance Your Experience

We believe in creating outstanding customer experiences. To achieve this, we provide additional services, including:

  • Graphic Design Support
  • Print Only Service
  • Swing Tags
  • Size Tabs
  • Printed Labels
  • Hem Tags
  • Fulfilment
  • Sampling
  • Relabeling

Diverse Printing and Personalization Techniques

High quality mass screen printed T-shirts

Screen Printing for Bulk Orders

Specializing in high-quality mass screen printing, we excel in producing T-shirts for bulk projects, starting from 50 units. Our screen printed T-shirts in Manchester is renowned for its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to produce garments with ultra-fine details, a superior finish, and a soft feel, all while ensuring durability. Reach out for top-tier screen printing solutions in Manchester.

High quality DTG printed T-shirts in the UK

Advanced DTG Printing in the UK

Our Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is ideal for any design, regardless of color complexity. This method is perfect for full-color jobs, offering fixed pricing without setup charges. DTG printing in the UK delivers incredibly soft prints, maintaining vibrancy and quality with unmatched efficiency.

Embroidery services for companies in the UK

Professional Embroidery Services

Our embroidery services provide a high-quality, professional finish for a range of garments. Ideal for workwear, sportswear, and promotional items, our London-based embroidery uses industrial machines for quick and detailed results, giving your apparel a unique and sophisticated touch.

Overseas cut and sew manufacturing

Cut & Sew for Custom Creations

For orders over 500 items, our cut and sew service allows for unparalleled customization. By printing on fabric before it's cut and sewn, we offer creative flexibility to add distinctive details not possible with standard printing methods. This technique is perfect for those seeking truly bespoke apparel solutions.

Minimum quantities

Screen Printing


Small runs can be costly, minimum quantities start from 25

DTG (Digital Printing)


Suitable for small batches, with minimum quantities starting from 20



Suitable for small batches, with minimum quantities starting from 20

Cut & Sew


Due to the nature of this method, there is a MOV of 500 items


This Is How Printsome Works

Exceptional T-Shirt Printing Consultation Service

Printsome elevates the printing service experience by providing unmatched customer support across Manchester and the whole UK. Our bespoke, award-winning approach ensures every client experiences the best we have to offer, surpassing typical service standards to exceed your expectations consistently.

Personalised Expert Consultation by locals

Choosing Printsome grants you immediate access to our team of seasoned professionals in printing, logistics, and marketing. We understand your business objectives and craft solutions tailored specifically to your project’s needs, ensuring success from concept to completion.

Renowned for Exceptional Printing Service

Beyond just printing T-shirts, Printsome's reputation for award-winning customer service is built on a foundation of excellence in every interaction. We commit to delivering high-quality orders punctually and precisely, maintaining our promise of premium service without compromise for businesses throughout Manchester.

Printsome’s 5 stars customer service

Discover Printsome: Manchester's Leading T-Shirt Printing Solution

Manchester's T-Shirt Printing Specialists

Since launching in 2013, Printsome has quickly established itself as a leader in T-shirt printing, serving Manchester with a dedicated team of over 20 professionals. In just seven years, we've produced over 10 million garments for more than 17,000 satisfied clients, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and quality.

Our portfolio boasts collaborations with businesses of every scale, from burgeoning startups to esteemed Fortune 100 companies, including notable names like Ralph Lauren, Virgin Atlantic, Facebook, Orange, Amazon, Ikea, and VISA. Our expertise spans all facets of custom T-shirt printing, a fact underscored by our stellar track record and client satisfaction.

Scaling New Heights in T-Shirt Printing

At Printsome, no project is too ambitious or modest. Our team tailors plans to align with your objectives, overseeing your project from inception to completion. Swift communication ensures you're always informed, providing peace of mind throughout the process. Looking for unparalleled T-shirt printing services in Manchester? Your search ends with Printsome.

More About Us

Custom T-Shirts Delivered Directly to You in Manchester

T-Shirt Deliveries Across Manchester

In the fast-paced business world, we understand the critical importance of time. That's why we offer a rapid service, leveraging our extensive network of fulfilment centres and printing capabilities throughout Manchester and beyond. Once your order is confirmed, we mobilize our Manchester-based resources to efficiently print and dispatch your high-volume T-shirt orders.

Estimated Delivery Times Within Manchester:

  • Screen Printing: 5 to 7 business days.
  • Transfers: 5 to 7 business days.
  • DTG: 3 to 5 business days. (Some projects can be 48/72hours by case).
  • We use Addison Lee courier for special deliveries.

Delivery Charges

Choosing us for your Manchester T-shirt printing needs means access to a broad selection of courier and postal services, ensuring your order reaches you wherever you are in Manchester or across the UK.

As every order is different, delivery costs will vary.


Couriers we use in the UK:

UK Mail deliveries
DHL deliveries
DPD deliveries
UPS deliveries
FedEx deliveries
TNT deliveries

Our Selection Of Hand-picked Garments for Printing

We print in almost any garment available by all the major wholesale apparel brands in a variety of styles, fitting, fabrics and features.



From promotional quality brands to top premium garments, our variety of apparel selection will suit your need for any ocassion. Some of the brands we available are: Gildan, Russell. StanleyStella, Bella Canvas, Continental, Earth Positive, American Apparel, NakedShirt, AWDis, AWDis Ecologie, B&C, Anvil, Spiro, GameGear, Mantis, Fruit of the Loom and JASSZ, among others

Russell T-shirts
Gildan T-shirts
Fruit of the Loom T-shirts
Continental Clothing T-shirts
Game Gear T-shirts
American Apparel T-shirts
B&C T-shirts
Mantis T-shirts


  • T-shirts
  • Long Sleeve T-shirts
  • Vests
  • Cropped Shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies
  • Polos
  • Jackets
  • Fleece
  • Trousers
  • Industrial Workwear
  • Children Apparel
  • Headwear
  • Bags
  • Knitwear
  • Soft Shell


T-shirts 100% cotton
  • Cotton
  • Combed Cotton
  • Organic Cotton
  • Poly-Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Viscose
  • Bamboo
  • Triblend

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it necessary for printing facilities to be located in Manchester?

Not necessarily. The location of printing facilities, whether in or outside Manchester, does not significantly affect the speed of production. Often, printing outside central areas can reduce costs due to lower operational expenses.

Space constraints in city-based facilities might limit printing capacity and the range of printing methods and garments available. For larger projects, we recommend exploring options beyond Manchester's center to access broader capabilities and better prices.

What makes certain garment brands more expensive?

Quality differences often justify the price disparity between brands like Gildan and premium options like Continental or Stanley/Stella. We prioritize high-quality garments, with premium brands offering superior fabric, durability, and printing compatibility.

  • Fabric Quality: The texture and composition, with organic or eco-friendly options generally costing more.
  • Weight and Density: Heavier and denser fabrics often indicate higher quality.
  • Print Suitability: Garments that better accommodate specific printing techniques may be priced higher.

What are the typical production and delivery times to Manchester?

Our standard lead times are:

  • Screen Printing: 5 to 7 business days.
  • Transfers: 5 to 7 business days.
  • DTG: 3 to 5 business days.

Can I collect my order from the facility to expedite the process?

Direct collection from our facilities is not possible due to safety and insurance regulations around the heavy machinery used. However, we ensure the fastest possible delivery once your order is ready.

Is it possible to print on my own supplied garments?

Currently, we provide a print-only service for orders exceeding 1,000 units. For smaller quantities or specific requirements, please contact us to discuss potential solutions.

Can I request printing on a specific brand or garment type?

Absolutely. We collaborate with a wide array of brands and models. We'll work with you to determine if your preferred option is available through our network or if direct brand collaboration is necessary, ensuring compatibility with your chosen printing method.

How do I qualify for volume discounts?

Volume discounts are available and vary based on the printing technique and garment type. Printing in bulk significantly reduces the cost per item, offering substantial savings for larger orders.

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