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Here at Printsome, we've been printing high-quality garments since 2013. These include not only T-shirts but also hoodies and vests among others. Our Manchester clients include events agencies, startups and YouTubers. And now, you could be next! Our mission is to take care of you. From the first quote to the final shipping, one of our experts will guide you. Discover the customer service everyone is talking about.



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For both printing and embroidery. ‘Standard’ delivery is 5 working days and Express: 48h.


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Impresión serigrafica en camisetas publicitarias por mayor
Screen printed T-shirts for events
Camisetas publicitarias para eventos de marketing
printing in bulk for events

Garment Printing in Manchester With a Fast Turnaround
and Great Customer Service

Trusted by Shazam for a workshop

Trusted by Shazam for a workshop

Print T-shirts in Manchester for Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Merchandise and Online Retail.

Our business model allows us to reply and take action quickly anywhere in the city — even with the tightest of deadlines looming over the horizon. Whether you’re in the City Centre or Arndale, Salford, Trafford or anywhere in Greater Manchester, we have a T-shirt printing solution for you. Here at Printsome, we can supply your school or college with printed hoodies or embroidered sweats for leavers, school teams and groups. Your company or organisation with embroidered polo shirts, printed hi-vis clothing and branded staff uniforms. Or perhaps custom printed T-shirts as merchandise for an upcoming event.

High-quality Screen Printing in Manchester

High-quality Screen Printing in Manchester

Take your T-shirts to the next level with Screen Printing in Manchester, Digital Printing and more.

We're big fans of not only technology but also design, which is why we need to stay up to date with the latest printing techniques. Since the beginning, we've worked with the newest screen printing machines that are capable of creating long-lasting prints and are very effective at printing in bulk because of their low setup. For the designs that require so, there's also digital printing (DTG) which is a new technology that prints directly into the fabric. DTG is second to none when creating detailed prints and vivid colours. This process is also perfect for printing on demand.

Hoodies and bags printed for Tappx event

Hoodies and bags printed for Tappx event

If you're after Professional Garment Embroidery in Manchester, you're in the right place.

It's not just about printing... embroidery can do amazing things, as well! If you're looking to brand uniforms or staff workwear, then you shouldn't look any further. This personalisation technique provides a great return on investment since it’s not that expensive to produce and still has a professional-looking finish. Embroidery is perfect for personalising polo shirts, baseball caps and hoodies, among other items with 'thicker' materials. We work with industrial machines which are capable of working on several items at the same time. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Printsome is more than just printing

We take great pride in helping not only our clients but also our employees reach their goals. The Printsome team is a tight-knit group of young professionals from all over the world who are always looking to improve our processes and systems. In order to be successful, we have to make sure that every part of the machine is well oiled and works efficiently with the next. From marketing to printing, every step is being constantly optimized to achieve the best possible result — and that is for you to have amazing printed garments delivered quickly to where you need them. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask us whatever you need.

How fast will I get my order in Manchester?

One of our priorities as a T-shirt printing agency has always been to offer comprehensive and fast delivery to our customers. We offer two different services for customers with different needs. For those who aren’t in a rush, there’s the ‘Standard’ delivery. Our Standard delivery service has a turnaround time of 5 to 10 business days to the City Centre or any other part of Manchester. For those of you with a looming deadline, we offer the ‘Express’ service. This delivery arrives in 2 to 3 days to Arndale or anywhere else. Sometimes it can be as fast as in 24 hours, depending on your order details. If you’re in need of very fast T-shirt printing, then we recommend placing your order before noon. This will give us the amount of time necessary to sort everything out for a swift shipment. You can also help us by being prepared. Everything is much faster if from the beginning you have a suitable artwork, your payment details in hand and the delivery address. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee a specific delivery time but we can ensure a pre 12 pm, pre 5 pm and pre 10:30 pm arrival.

Why should I choose Printsome over others?

Printsome has been a leader in the T-shirt printing industry since it was first launched back in 2013. In six years, we’ve attended 17,000 customers and printed over 1 million T-shirts. We’ve worked for some of the biggest brands, YouTubers, non-profit organisations and everything in between. What makes us stand out from the pack is our attention to detail and our will to go well beyond what it’s expected of us to satisfy you, the customer. From the moment you first get in touch, you’ll be assigned a printing expert who will lead you through every step of the way. From your first quote to the final print, you’ll be aware and notified every step of the way. On top of the personalised attention from your account manager, you’ll also receive support from our design team. Our professional graphic designers will advise you on everything from proper file format to embroidery services. We specialise not only in bulk T-shirt printing but also doing it in record time. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Who are Printsome's customers?

Our doors are open to anyone who’s in the look for printing garments in bulk. This line of work has taken us to collaborate with event planners, brand managers and influencers such as YouTubers. We offer solutions to any kind of business that wants to take their brand to the next level. Our most common orders are garments to be sold or given away as merchandise during an event. This type of customers need a fast service on top of a high-quality print. The world of event management is unpredictable and anyone could need 1,000 embroidered caps at a moment’s notice. These type of professionals are also working for someone else, so, in a way, we’re printing for two customers at the same time. We also offer services for restaurants and any other type of business that works face-to-face with their customers. When attending a client is of the utmost importance to not only look professional but also represent the brand. An employee is the messenger of the brand and he or she has to look the part. So organic T-shirt printing might be necessary depending on the company’s values. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

What are you waiting for to enjoy Printsome’s best personalisation services? Get your free quote now!

We’ve been manufacturing T-shirts with pride since 2013. From the beginning, we’ve enlisted top-notch technology to print high-quality T-shirts and get them to where they have to be in time. Our turnaround time will always be of 72 hours tops regardless of how big or small the order is. Efficiency is what Printsome likes to offer, you can rest assured your order will be there on time — sometimes as fast as 48h. We’re experts at printing garments in bulk. For orders of 50 garments or more we recommend screen printing whereas for orders of 25 or less, we recommend digital printing.
That being said, we go over every order one by one and advice the best possible solution for each case. Nowadays, we use sustainable processes with energy-efficient machines and water-based inks. Our customer service is legendary. From the moment you get in touch with us, one of our printing experts will give you personalised attention. We will find the best printing solution that adapts to your needs. This might include Print on-demand solutions for entrepreneurs and online store owners which we’ve been offering since 2018.

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