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At Printsome, we have experience printing garments in bulk. For orders of 50+ printed T-shirts in Cardiff we recommend screen printing whereas for smaller orders of 25+ we recommend DTG printing, but we revise every order independently and advise always what fit best your needs and budget. Stability is what Printsome likes to offer, you can rest assured your order will be there on time — sometimes as fast as 48h. We’re famous for our customer service. From the moment you get in touch with us, one of our printing experts will give you personalised attention. We will find the best printing solution so you can reach your goals. T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, vests, sweats, caps, polos, workwear and tote bags are just some of the items we offer in our catalogue. Each one of these products is a blank canvas with the potential to help you reach your marketing goals. Get in touch with our account managers to find the best solution for your project!

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T-shirt printing Cardiff, is it what you are looking for? The British, online T-shirt printing company, Printsome, is here to cover any service you might need. Printsome is an online agency dedicated to the production and customisation of garments. While our specialisation is personalised T-shirts, we also offer any other clothes printing Cardiff like custom hoodies, jumpers, vests, sportswear — headgear like baseball caps and beanies and on top of that, several miscellaneous items perfect as promotional clothing like tote bags, towels and even umbrellas! In order to customise all of these items, we offer varied techniques for every occasion. If you’re interested in vibrant, long lasting prints then we’d suggest you look into screen printing T-shirts. This embellishing method that dates back to ancient China, and has survived all these centuries for one single reason, it works! We usually recommend Screen Printing when ordering large amount of T-shirts and the design that has to be printed on it is fairly simple. On top of Screen Printing, DTG printing (Direct to Garment printing) and embroidered shirts are also some of the customisation techniques we offer. T-Shirt printing Cardiff is responsible for a lot of the promotional clothes that are seen in the area, are you ready to promote your brand out there? For your next event we offer bulk T-shirt printing that is definitely cost effective because the larger quantities then the lower the price per unit will be. You did know that, didn’t you? Well… there are also more valuable reasons why print in bulk is the best way to go. We have a team of printer experts that will tell you everything you need to know about what is best for your order. This is what we, at Printsome, do best! Premium customer service is what we are prepare for because we like to read to read those positive reviews on Trustpilot and because the team receive dessert every time a customer repeat an order with us! Yes… we have a different and more sweet way of motivation. Keep in mind that if the design you’re going after is too complex then some changes might have to be made. Either the design should be changed or ask to produce fewer units instead. DTG works great with complex designs and fewer units. If you want to customise with just a logo then, why not consider embroidery? It looks great on polos and T-shirts alike and it is a very resistant technique. If for example what you need is the personalisation of sportswear, like for example football jerseys, then cad-cut vinyl is the perfect choice. T-shirt printing companies will be set up to deal with smaller orders whereas online agencies, like Printsome will use their T-shirt printing UK resources to make sure that you get the best quality print for the best price. On the other hand we also offer fast T-shirt printing in Cardiff services for when you need your garments for yesterday! With these resources at our disposal, garment printing Cardiff and T-shirt printers can only benefit. Whether you are looking for promotional T-shirts, corporate clothing or any kind of clothes printing Cardiff for your next big marketing campaign or event, or simply looking for a small number of personalised printed hoodies for your local business, Printsome is here to help. There are other printing companies in Cardiff, but very few offer the complete package that Printsome can, including next day T-shirt printing.