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Great news! Printsome now offers organic T-Shirt printing! We’re committed to the environment and ethical manufacturing. Upon request, we can work with organic materials and Fair trade certified manufacturers. We care so much that we even take it into account when we hire a new team member. You might not expect that who you hire plays a role in how eco-friendly your business is, but it does! The reason behind hiring local people is that they’ll have to travel a shorter distance to get to the office, thus saving on all the not-so eco-friendly stuff associated with transportation and moving people about (like CO2 emissions). Of course, if there’s someone incredible you really can’t do without at your agency, invite them. For roles where who does the job isn’t quite as important, try to go local. This is one case where keeping things in the community is a good thing! We’re going to have to go back to definitions for this one so we’re all clear about what we’re talking about. Fair trade T-shirts UK products are another way you can be pro-environment at your event. Fair-trade is a good thing. The goal of Fair trade is to help people in developing countries have better and fairer trading conditions and working rights, as well as to promote sustainability all around. You’ll know a product is fair trade when it carries the FAIRTRADE logo, which means that it’s had to comply with certain conditions (including worker rights, coming from small-sized organisations and people being paid a living wage). If you have the choice, they can be a great way to be eco-friendly with your purchases for your event. Mixing together sustainable use principles with a big dose of creativity and innovation, we’ve found packages that hold everything from T-shirts to hoodies that not only look great, but are also friendly to the environment. Not all of them are actual, existing packages; some of them stayed in the concept stage – though we think that there should be a company out there that brings to life one of these design. If you want fair trade T-Shirts UK, here are the reasons to work with us: Express T-shirt printing - Our business model has been designed to offer the fastest and most efficient service possible. Personalised Attention - From the very beginning, you’ll get your very own organic T-shirt printing expert that will answer all of your questions. Best Value - Even though organic cotton T-shirts tends to be more expensive, we will always offer you the best possible price. Variety and Quality - Our catalogue offers a wide range or organic for all occasions and budgets. Ethical T-Shirt printing: Building a better world one T-shirt at a time. As a company, it is important for us not only to offer the best organic T-shirt printing service possible but to also to have an ethical business model. Upon request, we can work with: Organic T-shirts: These are manufactured out of environmentally-friendly materials and with non-polluting methods. Organic printing: It is no secret that the garment industry is one of the most polluting in the world, which is why we try to minimise its effects by using techniques that use harmless inks. Fair trade T-shirts: By working with Fair trade certified manufacturers, we can rest assured that the people who worked on those garments got fair working conditions. Working with organic T-shirts and Fair trade certified companies is not cheap but at Printsome we believe that ethically produced garments are priceless. In an ideal world, everyone would get paid fairly for honest work but unfortunately we’re not there yet. As we head towards a more ethical way of doing things, Printsome hopes to offer more and more different options each time.