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Why Opt for Screen Printing?

If printing garments in bulk is what you're after, then probably screen printing will be the best way to produce them. This is a technique which requires time to set up the machine and create the screen(s) but once these are in place, the production process is rather quick.

The quality of a screen print is also hard to match. The prints are crisp, smooth and long-lasting (sometimes up to 20 years). These are the reasons that make screen printing so beloved by professionals in the T-shirt printing business.

Whilst there are setup charges and minimum order quantities, the price per unit is the lowest overall.

When to choose screen printing

  • Bulk Orders: Best for printing 50 or more units. For smaller quantities, alternative methods like DTG are more suitable.

  • Limited Color Designs: Ideal for designs with 1 to 4 colors. Each additional color requires a new screen, which can increase costs.

  • Flexible Sizing Without Extra Cost: Screen printing costs are based on the design and quantity, not garment type. This means you can mix sizes or colors as long as the print design remains consistent.

  • Perfect for T-shirts: While suitable for various garments, screen printing is especially effective on T-shirts, producing outstanding results.

The T-shirt Screen Printing process in 6 simple steps

Step 1

First, create the design. It is important to keep it simple as screen printing is not compatible with colour gradients and small details.

Step 2

Through a photo emulsion process, the design is transferred to a screen (A different screen must be created for every colour in the design).

Step 3

Place the garment under the screen. The screen is covered with the corresponding ink (the more the better) and spread evenly throughout.

Step 4

Manually or not, the squeegee then pushes the ink through the screen mesh, allowing the substance to only go through where it allows.

Step 5

If the design has more than one colour, then steps 3 and 4 are repeated for every tone. Different screens must be created for each, as well.

Step 6

After the design has been applied, it is left alone so the ink can dry and set on the fabric. Sometimes a special drying mechanism is used.

Benefits of Choosing Printsome

The Printsome experience has been designed so anyone from small to large companies, designers and business owners can reach their goals through the production of printed garments.

Our printing experts are highly trained so hey can offer a personalised attention to each and every one of our clients. Need help with your design? Then you’re in luck because our graphic design team will offer their hand with any issue you may have with graphics.

In today’s market, it’s hard to come up with original designs which is why we take it seriously when our clients trust us with their artwork. Our cutting-edge software allows us to match your Pantone colours exactly so not only will the final printed version look like what you envisioned but the same quality will prevail across all the units in the order.

Our catalogue features a wide variety of garments from world-famous brands such as Gildan and Fruit of the Loom to more conscious companies such as Continental Clothing which creates all of their products in an ethical and sustainable fashion. We print organic T-shirts with a very fast turnaround.

As one of the best screen printing companies in the UK, we offer both water-based and plastisol inks. The first are friendlier to the environment while the second are more durable and create a crisp print which lasts longer. Even though many years of wash and wear, these will still look brand new.

For those in a hurry, we offer different delivery options which can adapt to most deadlines. Our standard delivery is from 5 to 7 days while the express option will ship your garments in 48h. (If you’re interested in the 48h option, please make sure to place your order before 12.00 midday)

T-shirts and Screen Printing belong together but is also a brilliant way to personalise hoodies, vest Tops and tote bags among other items

Basics to prepare your artwork

At Least 300dpi

If you ensure that your artwork is at 300dpi, at the desired print size. Then you can guarantee that it'll be at a high enough resolution to print.

Text to Outlines

If you convert all text to outlines, then we won't have to relocate any fonts, so they'll be as you designed them for print.

.ai or .eps File

Vector based files (e.g. Adobe Illustrator files) work best for us, as they have no loss of resolution, no matter how big you scale up the artwork.

Screen Printing in the UK by Printsome

Learn how to prepare your artwork for Screen Printed T-shirts

In case you don’t speak graphic design fluently, Printsome is here to translate. We’ve decided to take this tedious process and simplify it into this easy to follow PDF, available for download. Do you still need some extra guidance? Worry not! Contact us and we’ll prepare the artwork for you.

Offering Professional Screen Printing Since 2013

Printsome is an online T-shirt printing agency that was founded in 2012. Throughout those years, we have printed thousands of customised T-shirts and we have worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK and Europe. The BBC, Facebook, IKEA and Rockstar, just to name a few.

In a saturated industry, we make ourselves stand out with a business model that revolves around you — the customer. From the first moment you get in touch with us, one of our printing experts will become your guide through the entire process.

The way we come through in a pinch, communicate quickly and keep you in the loop as the order is processed is the reason why our customers keep coming back.

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Screen printing UK, the best value for your money! Screen printing has come to be the most popular technique for the majority of the customised garments out there. It can be used on almost any type of garment and it is the perfect fit for orders in bulk. Wondering where to get screen printed T-shirts? Printsome is an online t-shirt printing UK agency based in London. We don’t work as a regular printer, our agency model allows us to assign an expert to each client to take care of their needs in a personalised way. Although we are based in London, we deliver screen printing T-shirts all across the UK. Screen Printing it’s popular among event organisers and marketing agencies as it is cost effective when ordering bulk T-shirt printing. In addition, custom screen printing has a high quality finished so it is highly recommended for T-shirts but also for hoodies! There are lots of companies offering screen printing services UK, but we can say that it is always easier to go with Printsome. Wonder why? With us, you will always receive advice from our team of expert printing advisors. They are all kind and friendly people always willing to go the best way with your project to successfully proceed with your order. That's how we make the difference from our competitors, giving an excellent customer experience. We’ll always have in mind your budget and needs. Screen printing is a versatile technique that can be used by individuals as well as an automated process. It is practised professionally by designers, artists, and manufacturers who personalise their own clothing. But on the other side, also high-quality printing machines can do it. What is important here is that in both cases, the process is always the same, the human factor being the only difference. So what are the advantages of automated screen printing UK? Well off course it cuts down production time significantly thanks to larger screens, drying systems and rotatory screens for continued production. One tip from the experts on screen printed T-shirts: The less colourful your design are, then the cheaper the price will be. The explanation for this is that this technique doesn’t allow for more than one colour to be applied at the same time using the same screen. If you want to print using this technique there are some benefits you should know. First, screen printed designs can withstand far more stress than others due to the thickness of the ink. Second, it is big order friendly. Third, it has a great finish and produces vibrant colours and details exactly as you want them. And last but not less important, it can be done on almost any surface and type of garment. On that note, at Printsome we also enjoy being honest, so let’s also talk about the disadvantages of screen printing UK: It is expensive when you have a design full of colours. It’s not environmentally friendly because it wastes a lot of water when mixing inks and cleaning the screens. It could also at times be more complicated than others because it requires more steps in its process. Now let’s talk about the delivery options we offer. Are you in a hurry? Then, lucky you because, as it so happens, we offer express T-shirt printing delivery in all of our orders which means you can receive your T-shirts within 2-4 days. If you can wait a bit more, we also offer Standard Delivery which takes about 5-10 days. Don’t worry if you have any doubts or concerns. We can help you save time, money and solve your concerns in the process. Thanks to companies like Printsome, T-shirt printing is becoming easier due to advances in delivery across the UK from London to Glasgow and Liverpool to Belfast. What are you waiting for? Get a quote and we will get back to you within the hour!