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DTG printing, or as it is sometimes known digital T-shirt printing, is a relatively new printing technique that requires more technology than the rest but is able to offer far higher-quality in printing since it prints the design directly into the T-shirt. Direct to garment T-shirt printing has a more fashionable look than the other printing techniques. However, it is not recommended for bulk T-shirt printing as the complexity of the design required for direct to garment printing makes it expensive. At Printsome, we have a team of printing experts that are ready to give useful advice to any of our customers. We are here to make the printing process super easy for you and that’s how we are different in the market. We are an online T-shirt printing UK agency that will do the hard work for you, we are your printing Sherpa! The ordering process is super easy. At the moment we receive your quotation, within one hour tops we’ll get back to you by phone or by email to resolve your questions and start helping you. Going back to the technique, DTG printing might not be the best option for polo shirts, but it is highly recommended for custom T-shirts as they have a more personal use. Have you ever wondered how DTG works? The same way as your office printer, but with fabric instead. Basically, the ink gets injected directly into the material. It works great with garments made out of cotton, but it doesn’t work so well with a porous material such as the one of a polo shirt. As well as on T-shirts, direct to garment printing can also be used on hoodies to give them a more edgy look or even for workwear to make your staff really stand out. And what about other properties of this innovative technique? Let’s talk about it. First: Colour inks are injected into the fibres leaving no texture when you touch it. That means that over time it won’t fade easily (washing the garment with cold water is highly recommended) Second: It’s way easier to set up when compared to the other techniques. Third: It’s great for those looking for only one item to be printed (unfortunately at Printsome we have a minimum of 15 T-shirts to go ahead with the order). For bulk orders, DTG printing is not worth it because it takes quite a bit more to print. Fourth: no limits when it comes to colouring. Fifth: DTG can make some of the detailed highest quality printing. Although we can continue talking about the benefits of this technique, those there are the most important. Sounds great, right? But there is always a disadvantage and that’s our next point. Ready? Due to the cost of the machines, DTG printing it’s a bit more expensive. We also can’t forget that it is a new technology that has been around for barely 10 years and therefore hasn’t had the time to develop as much as the others. However, the opposite can be said about deliveries since T-shirt printing has become increasingly easy thanks to our online business model. We’re based in London but can and will sure deliver to all of the UK. It doesn’t matter if you are in Glasgow, Liverpool, Belfast, Edinburgh, Scotland, we seriously deliver to anywhere else in the UK. Are you in a hurry? At Printsome we offer different shipping options for you. The Standard: 5-10 days delivery and the fast T-shirt printing Delivery takes only 2-4 days. Choose the one that best fits your needs. At Printsome we meet tough deadlines with a speedy turnaround and quick delivery, whatever your case is! The deliveries are normally made during weekdays from 9:00 to 19:00, but we can also make exceptions on Saturdays depending on the order details. Just let your account manager know, and we will do our best to be as flexible as we can with your delivery. Since we are an agency, the only thing you have to do is to get in touch and let us know what you need and we’ll take care of the rest. If you are not completely sure about what’s best for you, our team of printing experts will give the best advice depending on your needs. Our focus is always you and your satisfaction! Get in touch and happy printing!