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Transfer printing T-shirts have full-colour and vibrant designs. Print your personalised sportswear with us.

Why Choose Transfer Printing

Transfer Printing is a friendly and versatile printing technique which allows for great possibilities when it comes to garment personalisation. There are different types of transfers out there but most of them are able to print full-colour and detailed designs.

It’s fairly simple and the equipment is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to DTG (direct to garment printing) which can also reproduce high-quality, complex images. For this reason, it is one of the best techniques to use for full-colour prints.

Something that makes transfer printing stand out from the rest is its special effects. With a transfer you can create prints with glitter, fluorescent, metallic, felt and many others. The possibilities are almost endless.

To top it all off, a transfer can be used on almost any kind of fabric. Unlike screen printing and DTG which are tied to cotton-based garments, this method compatible with virtually any ítem including polyester, lycra sports wear, waterproofs and jackets.

Because it is printed on paper first and then transferred to the garment, this technique allows for more detail than the others.

When to choose Direct to Garment Printing:

You need a full-colour print on a handful of garments
You need to print the names and/or numbers of a sports kit or uniform
You want to print a highly-detailed image

Depending on the type of transfer, the steps may vary a bit but they usually follow the following 6 simple steps:

Step 1

First, the design must be printed onto transfer paper. Because paper is less porous than fabric, it can imprint sharper images and designs.

Step 2

The garment is loaded to the heat press and ‘pre-heated.’ This process stretches the garment and makes it easier for the design to ‘stick’.

Step 3

The transfer paper is placed where the design is meant to be printed. It must be stretched and stable so it doesn't move under the press.

Step 4

Using the press, the paper and the garment are held together for a few seconds. This is when the design is transfered by melting the ink.

Step 5

After a few seconds under the press (around 15), the garment is then set aside for it to cool down. Any error and we'll need to start again.

Step 6

This is when the transfer paper is finally removed and - if everything went well - then there should be a nice, crisp print on the garment.

Benefits of Choosing Printsome

The Printsome experience is a modern take on T-shirt printing. With a solid grasp on printing techniques and a creative mindset, we represent the best of both the traditional industry and the contemporary agency.

We’ve always prioritised the customer experience, which is why from the first contact, our clients get assigned their very own printing expert who will guide them through the entire process.

They are highly trained to offer a personalised attention each and every time. Not only that but if you need help with your artwork, our graphic design team will offer their hand as well.

Artwork must be managed differently for every printing technique. For example, transfer requires high-quality images and depending on the type, the file may need some extra features. Download our guide on how to prepare artwork for transfer printing below.

Our catalogue features a wide variety of garments from world-famous brands such as Gildan and Fruit of the Loom to more conscious companies such as Continental Clothing which creates all of their products in an ethical and sustainable fashion.

For those in a hurry, we offer different delivery options which can adapt to most deadlines. Our standard delivery is from 5 to 7 days while the express option will ship your garments in 48h. If you’re interested in the 48h option, please make sure to place your order before 12.00 pm.

Transfer printing is a fun and versatile way of personalising T-shirts.

Basics to prepare your artwork

At Least 300dpi

If you ensure that your artwork is at 300dpi, at the desired print size. Then you can guarantee that it'll be at a high enough resolution to print.

Text to Outlines

If you convert all text to outlines, then we won't have to relocate any fonts, so they'll be as you designed them for print.

.ai or .eps File

Vector based files (e.g. Adobe Illustrator files) work best for us, as they have no loss of resolution, no matter how big you scale up the artwork.

Learn how to prepare your artwork for your transfer printing T-shirts

In case you don’t speak graphic design fluently, Printsome is here to translate. We’ve decided to take this tedious process and simplify it into this easy to follow PDF, available for download. Do you still need some extra guidance? Worry not! Contact us and we’ll prepare the artwork for you.

Offering Professional Transfer Printing Since 2013

Printsome is an online T-shirt printing agency that was founded in 2012. Throughout those years, we have worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK and Europe. The BBC, Facebook, IKEA and Rockstar, just to name a few.

In a saturated industry, we make ourselves stand out with a business model that revolves around you — the customer. From the first moment you get in touch with us, one of our printing experts will become your guide through the entire process.

The way we come through in a pinch, communicate quickly and keep you in the loop as the order is processed is the reason why our customers keep coming back.

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Transfer printing also known as heat T-shirt transfer printing was first developed to embellish ceramics, not clothing, but nowadays it is a common technique used for custom T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jumpers, polo shirts and pretty much any other type of clothes you can imagine. What’s important to know about this technique? If you are not looking for transfer printing T-shirts in bulk, then the technique it’s your option. For when you are not sure about what’s best for your project, contact us and we will help you with everything you need. Printsome is an online T-shirt printing UK agency, it means we have a team of project managers taking care of your order and your needs from the beginning. But we’re not an average printer, we have an agency model that allows us to give personalised attention. It is our goal to have well-managed projects and happy clients. So if you don’t have time to lose, and you are looking for a trustable company for transfer printing, contact us! So what is the process behind T-shirt transfer printing? You can choose any type of image, either a complex one (with lots of colours) or a simple one (with just a few colours) and this is one of the advantages of the technique. The image is printed on a special heat transfer paper and then squashed against the garment using a heat press and boom! Heat transfer literally melts the image onto the fabric. Transfer printing omits any background colour leaving a very clean custom printed design that will make your competition jealous. If you are not sure about what’s best for your project, contact us and we will help you with everything you need. If you are after high quality promotional clothing for example, T-shirt transfer printing is your option! full-coloured logos can be printed very fast while losing none of the quality. It is also a technique that allows printing onto either dark or light garments. How? Using different types of base material depending on the colour. For example for heat transfer onto white T-shirts, the base material is transparent because it takes the white background of the T-shirt to make the colours stand out. On the other hand for black garments, the base material is thicker so that the colours don’t get affected by the darkness when transferred. Don’t get confused by this specifications, remember that if you need any help, we are here to do just that. The only thing you need to understand very well is that we will ensure your T-shirts are going to last long and will be done to the highest level of quality possible. And what about the requirements for high-quality transfer printing? If you don’t want blurry prints, the most important thing here is to have an image or photograph with the best resolution. We recommend at least 300dpi resolution. Another very common use for transfer printing is for polo shirt printing, but using them for corporate clothing isn’t as popular as using for personalised sportswear. Sportswear printing doesn’t go farther from bold, vibrant colours, names and numbers, and that’s what this technique prints best. All in all, whether you are looking for T-shirts, hoodie printing, vest tops, or custom jumpers, then Printsome is the way to go. We are what you need and we can deliver all over the UK. From London to Glasgow and Liverpool to Belfast. And if you are in a hurry and can’t wait to get your order, then you are in luck because we offer fast T-shirt printing for when you need your order delivered within 2-4 days. Remember that in the textile printing industry, Printsome stands out thanks to the use of tailor-made technology that allow us to offer a personalised service that revolves around you, our precious customer. Just to remember the most important takeaways of Transfer Printing: Its high quality finish makes it ideal for custom sportswear and personalised t-shirts that have intricate designs. It is usually a slow process so it is not recommended for bulk T-shirt printing, and it is not suitable for all fabrics as it requires the garments to be able to resist high temperatures. Any questions? Just get in touch!