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Where to buy wholesale group T-shirts for printing? If you were looking where to buy group printed T-shirts you landed in the right place! Like pretty much anything else these days, the best place to buy any type of garments in bulk, is online. Lucky for you just landed on the website of one of the coolest online T-shirt printing UK agencies. Buying in bulk! Are you interested in custom group T-shirts? Then look no further. We got you covered and with free shipping to boot! Get in touch for more information. Consultations are free! At a first glance, selling in bulk may seem like a cold strategy that’s been designed with the sole purpose of making more profit: If you convince customers that they’re paying less per unit, it will entice them to buy – even if they end up spending more in the end. This is not completely wrong but at the same time, doesn’t mean that there are no advantages for the customer. After all, not every business owner is a sleazy salesman. When done correctly, wholesale can be a win-win situation for everyone involved. What do we recommend for your group T-shirts? Here at Printsome, we’re fans of Anvil, Bella + Canvas, Fruit of the Loom and Tee Jays, among others. We can also recommend you other brands if you’re looking for workwear. Our catalogue has many options including high visibility garments for construction workers like hi-vis jackets and vests. Wholesale clothing for printing: The pros and cons. There are several reasons why you should consider ordering in bulk for your next project, here are some of the main ones: You save money! The more you order then the lower the price per unit will be and the less cash you will spend in the long run. You get consistent quality! The quality of group printed T-shirts is guaranteed to be the same since they were all produced within the same timeframe. You save time! The time spent when Ordering in bulk is less than when ordering the same items separately. You’re friendlier to the planet! Ordering in bulk reduces the emissions of CO2 as there is less transportation involved. You get more stuff! When ordering more you get, well… more! Making it harder for you to run out of units. What are the cons? While very convenient, ordering products can have its disadvantages. Here are some of them: Incompatible with perishable products It is not recommended for perishable products as these may expire before you get a chance to consume them but since you’re getting group T-shirts there’s no need to worry about it. Big space needed It is not recommended for those with low storage space as more products require, well… a lot more space. Harder to calculate It is very tempting to buy when you’re being offered more for less, but sometimes it leads us to buy more than what we intended in the first place. To order or not to order in bulk? That is the question. There are different moments when you should consider wholesale custom group T-shirts for printing. If you find yourself in any of the following situations then it should be a no-brainer: If you want to keep costs down. If you want them as a uniform* If you want personalised T-shirts as a giveaway. If you’re a designer and have a “signature” piece. Do you need your group T-shirts in a hurry? Do not worry! It doesn’t matter how many units you need, the process will be the same: fast and effective. Our Expres T-shirt printing delivery can adapt to almost any deadline. We can even offer delivery on Saturdays depending on the situation. Just give us a call!