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Embroidered caps as a Tool for Advertising a Brand

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Wholesale Manufacturing of Personalised Embroidered Caps

Here at Printsome, we have many years of experience working for brand managers and event managers. Our specialisation in bulk embroidery allows us to manufacture top-of-the-line items and garments that help them reach their goals. Printsome's capacity for big orders and printing machines mean that there's no event that's too big or too small. Out support team and printers can handle it.

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Good-quality Cap Embroidery for Any Occasion

Our facilities count with cutting-edge industrial embroidery machines that can work on multiple items at the same time. Not only do they do great-quality work but they're also highly versatile as they can embroider any part of the baseball cap. Unlike printing, which is quoted by colours, embroidery is quoted by stitches. This means, that the more detailed, then the more costly it will be.

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3D Embroidery: Effects That You've Never Seen

Also known as puff embroidery, this is a technique that from afar looks very much like a regular embroidery but from up close, it pops up from the item. In order to get this unique effect, a piece of foam, cut in the shape of the artwork is placed on the cap for the design to be embroidered on top of it. Because of its 3D nature, it allows for more creative freedom. It can really make a cap stand out.

Best Garments Options

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This is how Printsome makes embroidered garments

In our catalogue, you'll find several types of headwear from all kinds of brands ready to be customised. We know that different businesses have different needs which is why we offer higher-end options along with inexpensive and ethical choices as well.

Where to get embroidered caps?

Once you’ve decided to go ahead and invest on embroidered caps, the next step is to select a design. Here at Printsome we have an in-house design team that's ready to offer you support on everything graphics related. Once that's done, the only thing that’s left to do is to put your plan into action! There are lots of companies that offer reasonably priced embroidery services who can make your cap look awesome but Printsome is the only one with the great customer service. Awesome from the start.

How to make embroidered caps

Here at Printsome, we work with industrial embroidery machines which need the artwork to be digitalised. Once this is done, the machine is set up with the correct coloured threads. The area of the garment to be embroidered is backed with a piece of material (usually white), to stabilise the embroidering and then the machine starts doing its work at great speed. Depending on how advanced the machine is, it will need more or less human input like for example, manually changing the threads.

The Benefits of Embroidered Headwear

You’ve probably seen many embroidered baseball caps lately as they are trending and for good reason. Embroidery stands up really well to the test of time. It can be applied to a wide variety of materials and also, its costs won’t increase if you add more colours as the technique is quoted in stitches. Thanks to embroidery, we can create good-looking, quality items at a reasonable price. If what you need is a timeless product for a campaign, then look no further.

Get caps embroidered in 72h

Any respectable printing agency will offer several delivery options depending on your situation. Here at Printsome, we offer a standard (five to ten days) and an express service (two to four days). Depending on the details, we might deliver in even less time. If your deadline is coming soon, make sure to place your order before noon. This will guarantee us enough time to treat your case with the speed it requires. Printsome works with private couriers who will allow you to track your package.

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