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Personalised Bags, Tote Bags & Accessories

From personalised bags to tea towels and umbrellas, we are your go-to option for promotional products! These personalised tote bags and different accessories like personalised tea towels are perfect for anyone looking to get their brand noticed! Don’t know which accessory is right for you? Then, get in touch and one of our printing experts will be more than happy to help you out. Otherwise, feel free to get a quote!

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  1. Quadra Pro Golf Umbrella

    Ref. QD360
    High quality umbrella, perfect for promotional gifts. Ideal for transfer printing and cad vinyl printing techniques.
  2. Westford Mill Classic Canvas Bag

    Ref. W108
    This thick, heavy and high quality shopper bag weighs over 215 grams and it's brilliant for high end branding purposes, such as corporate gifts. Is ideal for screen printing and embroidery.
  3. Westford Mill Promo Tote Bag for Life

    Ref. W101
    At 65 grams this mid quality tote bag provides great value for money since it's suitable for many different needs and it is available in a wide range of colours. Is perfect for screen printing and embroidery.
  4. Westford Mill Tea Towel

    Ref. W701
    This value-for-money high quality tea towel is perfect for embroidery and available to you at an extremely affordable price. Recommended for large quantity events.
  5. Westford Mill Mini Promo Tote Bag

    Ref. W104
    Low quality tote bag, but at an incredibly low price is great as a free promotional item for events which require high volumes. Ideal for screen printing and embroidery.
  6. Westford Mill Budget Promo Tote Bag For Life

    Ref. W100
    A mid quality professional looking tote bag. Suited for screen printing and embroidery. It works well with bigger designs due to its larger printing area.
  7. Shugon Stafford Cotton Drawstring Bag

    Ref. SH5895
    Affordable and high quality drawstring bag. Suitable for most printing techniques. Great as a free promotional item for events which require high volumes.
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7 Item(s)

Same as promotional clothing, promotional bags work to market a brand, and personalised bags are one of the common ways to get your name out there. Personalised tote bags can be used as giveaways at all kinds of events for different industries such as retail, leisure, charities, in fact for any kind of business. Looking for bags in bulk? You have just came to the right place! From our experience with bulk T-shirt Printing, we can say it’s perfect for any printing project and it has some valuable advantages. Unique personalised bags are a great gift for potential clients and give value. Although they are not as personal as personalised hoodies, they are likely to be used and seen rather than just left on a desk or in a corner, particularly because recycling is so essential plus nowadays that supermarkets and retail outlets now charge for plastic bags. Let’s talk about why personalised bags are so awesome. In case you haven’t noticed, personalised tote bags are highly customisable as they have a big space for your design and they are made of durable material. Not all type of garments allow all the printing techniques but personalised T-shirts and tote bags, do allow them! They are completely flat, and it means they are easily inserted on DTG printing machines or screen printing setups. Take all the advantage from personalised bags with a cool trendy design and give them away on corporate events to help the assistants carry their things while your logo makes the most effective advertising. They can also contain marketing literature about your business, a couple of free pens, a key ring, a printed cap – whatever you wish to include. What’s best? Unlike embroidered polo shirts, the logo won’t be covered by a coat. Want to know other uses for printed bags? Carrying the shopping, transporting books and folders to college, taking sports gear to the gym, and even as a fashion item as they come in several different colours. Printsome’s range of personalised bags and accessories for original bag printing are an affordable solution to market your product or business. You can use bag printing on drawstring bags, tote bags, shoppers, golf umbrellas and personalised tea towels. All these products are highly visible and will be used again and again. Another popular accessory is our personalised tea towels. Long lasting and durable, a tea towel will remind people of your business and what you do every time it’s used. Printed umbrellas are another great marketing giveaway at events. Seen as a value item, people love giveaways like this. And if it’s raining outside what better way to promote your branded umbrellas than giving them away? Our range of custom tote bags and accessories are all high quality, which gives a superior printing surface so your final product will look professional, just like your business. Printsome is an online printing agency with a dedicated team of printing experts to your disposal and ready to answer any question you might have. We make the difference as a business giving to our customers the best possible customer service. Are you in a hurry? For urgencies like yours, we have developed a Fast Express delivery so that within 2-4 days you will receive your order. Our Standard delivery takes from 5 to 10 days. If you didn’t know, we deliver your personalised bags all over the UK, from London to Glasgow and Liverpool to Belfast.