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Glasgow is known for Irn Bru drinking, ship building and Rangers and Celtic. It is also said to have the world’s largest cinema (!), it definitely has an easy-on-the-eye cathedral and the Transport Museum is always worth a mention when talking about Glasgow too.

It’s also a city where we print T-shirts! Here is how it works:

  • Our awesome team provides awesome customer service and printing advice, tailoring your T-shirt printing needs in a way that will allow you to enjoy a cup of tea.
  • Screen printing or Direct to Garment (DTG), printed T-shirts or printed hoodies, let us make garment printing easy for you.


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"I was extremely pleased with the final result after using this service, if I ever need more t-shirts printed I know who I'll be using again. Top-notch customer service!"
- Andre Horton, graphic designer at Playmob

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T-shirt printing in Glasgow has never been easier, now online t-shirt printing agency Printsome have moved into the area. No longer will you need to head into the city in search of quality t-shirt printers in Glasgow or jump in the car to scour the local towns for t-shirt printing Glasgow. With a bag full of t-shirt printing tricks and an excellent reputation for customer service and advice, online t-shirt printing Glasgow’s newest edition is probably the best. Promotional t-shirts, embroidered polo shirts and personalised hoodies are just some of the huge range of customised clothing that Printsome offer.

Screen printing Glasgow is popular with events organisers and marketing professional because it is cost effective when ordering large quantities of printed garments. Bulk t-shirt printing and screen printing are a great combination when printing promotional t-shirts for events and marketing campaigns but it is important to remember that whether your Glasgow t-shirts will depend heavily on your design and its complexity. If it is a very complex image like a photograph or has a number of colours then direct to garment printing Glasgow is probably a better option for you. T-shirt printing companies in Glasgow will offer both of these techniques along with transfer printing, cad cut vinyl and embroidery but for the full range of printing techniques plus expert help and advice, give the online t-shirt printing guys a go.

Whether you are looking for wholesale t-shirt printing in central Glasgow for your next big marketing push or just some embroidered polo shirts and printed t-shirts for the staff at your small business, Printsome can help you.

T shirt printing Glasgow is becoming easier thanks to the advances in t-shirt printing UK and the boom in online t-shirt printing with printers in Glasgow contributing the vast network of printing companies available to print garments for clients all over the UK.