Special Bundles for T-shirt Designers

Get 50 full-colour printed T-shirts for just £240

Make up to £500 selling your original designs!

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50 White printed T-shirts £240

Do you want to print your designs onto white T-shirts? Then this is the package for you. We’d be selling you each printed T-shirt for £4,80.

50 coloured printed T-shirts £300

Would you prefer to print onto coloured T-shirts? Then, this is the bundle. It’s slightly more expensive than the white one but it still offers fantastic print quality.

Especial pricing just for you

Over five years of experience working with new and established T-shirt designers have allowed us to create these special packages which will allow any brand invest in their ideas for an attainable price.

Great quality for a great price

The Anvil 980 Fashion Fit Ringspun Cotton T-Shirt has a slimmer style fit with a standard weight and great ringspun cotton for a softer finish. It keeps prices in check but still is a great all round resale garment. Also has Tearaway labels, perfect for designers who want unbranded items.

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white T-shirts with 1 colour print


VAT and delivery included


coloured T-shirts with 1 colour print


VAT and delivery included

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