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Cad Cut Vinyl T-shirt Printing

Custom T-shirt Printing

Cad cut vinyl, even though considered a printing technique, actually has no true printing involved. The process consists of a computer controlled machine cutting out shapes and letters onto sheets of self-adhesive plastic, or vinyl, which can be stuck onto any garment. This is the preferred method for personalised sportswear and football kits as it is ideal for one colour designs and names and numbers.

Vinyl t-shirt printing is not recommended for bulk printing, but is ideal for for small to medium size orders. Cad cut makes smaller custom t-shirt orders inexpensive, making it a great alternative to screen printing.

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The Benefits of Cad Cut Vinyl Printing

Ideal for custom sportswear, running vests and football kits
Single Colour
Perfect for one colour designs, like names and numbers
Adhesive vinyl is high quality and has a soft touch, making it very durable
Low Quantities
Works ideally for low quantity orders and bespoke customisations

File Handing Tips

  • Works with vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Simple text designs and shapes are perfect for cad cut vinyl
  • If using text, please make sure all is converted to outlines

What to avoid

  • Photographs and complex images
  • Designs with lots of small parts and intricacies
  • Elements smaller than 5mm in height

Vinyl t-shirt printing is one of the most used techniques for personalised clothing and is especially used for custom sportswear for teams and clubs. Cad cut vinyl is based on custom printing a vinyl with the desired design and cutting and removing the excess vinyl to leave the design on the customised t-shirt as one desires. Custom t shirt transfers is one of the cleanest looking printing techniques as the cad cut doesn’t leave any trace of the vinyl tshirt printing. With our wide range of products featuring Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, Bella Canvas, and B&C, you can have many options when choosing what type of custom t-shirt printing you want. Custom t shirt transfers can be applied to customised hoodies and personalised t-shirts as well as printed tops. This type of printing technique can also be used for promotional printing for custom polo shirts or even work uniforms. It is also very common to see printed sweatshirts for customised sportswear as it is one of the most durable printing techniques if done right. Best part, since we are a t-shirt printing UK agency, we can deliver everywhere whether you are in Brighton, Cardiff, Ipswich, or Edinburgh. If you need them to do fast t-shirt printing, then we are the answer you are looking for! Just get in touch for any vinyl t-shirt printing you might need.

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