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Screen Printing T-shirts

Custom Screen Printing

One of the oldest and most traditional forms of custom printing, it has been passed down generations since the Song Dynasty in China (960 - 1279 AD). First discovered by applying ink while holding a silk mesh, with strategic holes, above a wooden frame to leave an awesome design. Always used for decorating purposes, this printing technique quickly spread throughout Asia and reached Europe towards the end of the 18th century. It only started to get popular once the legendary Andy Warhol started to use this technique for his famous Marilyn Monroe portrait. Now you can get that same portrait in a screen printed t-shirt!

Screen printing have evolved from applying ink to a mesh to an actual stencil with a squeegee (rubber blade) to insure that the personalised printing is of the utmost highest quality. It can be used on almost any type of personalised clothing, but the deciding factor if it’s right for you will be the design you want printed. Designs with gradients, shades, and varying colours - such as images or photos - are not suitable for screen printing for their complexity. The setup costs for screen printing are expensive so it’s not recommended for small quantities, but as the amount of garments increases the lower the price. Screen printing has become one of the most common printing techniques for bulk t-shirt printing for its decreasing cost with orders above 25. Screen printing has come to be the most popular technique for the majority of the custom t-shirts out there.

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The Benefits of Screen Printing

Bulk Printing
Ideal for orders of large quantities (usually 50 units and up)
Pantone Colours
Can match any of the Pantone colours, making it perfect for branding purposes
Ideal for illustrations with up to 10 solid colours, separated on the vectorial file
Promotional Use
Perfect for promotional clothing & t-shirts for events and marketing campaigns

File Handing Tips

  • Works with colour separated designs (up to 10 colours)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.AI) or (.EPS) files preferred
  • When using vector graphics, please make sure all text is converted to outlines

What to avoid

  • Photographs and complex images (but a colour separation process can be done)
  • Low resolution files, like 72 d.p.i. Original artwork with hi-res is always better!

Printsome is a t-shirt printing agency offering screen printing services across the UK. Screen printing t shirts is one of the most used printing techniques across the t-shirt printing industry. It is popular among event organisers and marketing professionals as it is cost effective when having an order of bulk t-shirts. Screen printed t-shirts are the best option for promotional clothing because it is very effective for simple one colour designs or texts. Apart of being used for promotional t-shirts, custom screen printing has a high finished so it is recommended for leavers hoodies and personalised clothing. There are many screen printing companies in the UK, but it is always easier to go with online t-shirt printing because you can always receive advice from expert printing advisors, like ourselves, to know more about how to proceed with screen printing shirts. Luckily we offer screen printing UK, which means that we have screen printing London to screen printing Manchester and everywhere in between. And with our wide range of customised t-shirts and personalised hoodies, you can choose whether you want Fruit of the Loom, Bella Canvas, Gildan and much more! You can’t go wrong when choosing from any of our personalised clothing. Since we know that sometimes you need to have your promotional t-shirts or personalised jumpers quickly, we offer express t-shirt printing for those tight deadlines. So don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us, we are a friendly bunch!

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