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High quality T-Shirt printing

High quality T-Shirt printing is what Printsome does the best. Whether it’s merch for your event or workwear for your company, this agency was born out of the idea that printing doesn’t need to be complicated. We work with the best high quality clothing providers in the UK and use Top quality Screen Printing for a perfect finish. Let’s get your project started!



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High quality custom T-shirts delivered FAST to anywhere the UK!

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High-Quality Screen Printing

Screen printing is the technique that offers the highest print quality and durability. When printed on the correct type of fabric, the ink will not go away with every wash. At Printsome we are specialists in wholesale printing and experts in Screen Printing in the UK. This technique allows to print large quantities in a short time and without losing quality from one to the other. We use Plastisol and Water-based inks. Get a quote now!

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Wide Catalogue of garments from the best brands

When it comes to high quality printing, the quality of the garment itself can’t be ignored because a good printing also depends on it. At Printsome we work with the best clothing brands such as: B & C, Mantis, TeeJays, Bella + Canvas, American Apparel, Russell, Nakedshirt and more. W always recommend our customers to print on 100% cotton shirts for optimum print quality. Your assigned advisor will answer all your questions and guide you through the process to get the best cost-benefit from your project. Get a quote now!

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Sensational Customer Service

We are specialists in wholesale printing. If you are looking for promotional clothing for your next event, or custom work clothes for your company, you have come to the right place. We like to differentiate ourselves by the customer service we offer to our clients. We have expert consultants in printing that will help you throughout the process to get the best cost-benefit to your project. They will also give advise on what type of garment to choose, the best printing technique to go for and together you will adjust your budget so that in the end you get exactly what you had in mind. Start quoting!

This is how we screen print high-quality T-shirts at Printsome

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How to assess the quality of a T-shirt?

When it comes to High quality T-shirt printing, the more cotton the better. We usually recommend to our customers’ 100% cotton garments because prints simply look better on them. That being said, synthetic is not inherently bad. Technologies have advanced far enough that they can now produce man-made fabrics that look and feel almost like natural materials. The problem with blends is that they’re mixing materials that age differently. This is why over time these garments tend to look ‘misshapen.’ It is also worth mentioning that just because an item says it’s 100% cotton, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s high quality custom t-shirts, either. Manufacturers can use pure materials with low-grade fibres which aren’t very resistant.

Easy test for high-quality custom T-shirts

Because manufacturers will always pay more attention to the outside of a T-shirt, the easiest way to tell if a stitch is done well or not is by turning it around. Is it even? Does it lie flat? Are there any loose threads? These are all signs of poor manufacturing. Also, check out how many stitches it has. The higher the count then the better because it means that more time was spent putting this top quality T-shirt printing together. If you’ve never paid attention to this kind of things, then a good place to start would be your wardrobe. Compare between different garments you have and try to relate to the brands. If you do not know how to test the quality of a garment, or have questions, get in touch and we will be happy to help you choose!

Why print T-shirts with Printsome?

We are a quick and friendly T-shirt printing company in the UK using cutting-edge technology and working under an agency model. That’s how we set out to modernise an old industry. Since the beginning our goal is to make printing on T-shirts easier for companies, event or advertising agencies. Our customer service sets us apart from the rest. This is where we put our efforts to connect with the needs of our clients and understand what they are looking for to further give them the best solution. We are able to print thousands of garments and deliver them in 48h all around the UK. We also have a wide catalog of garments to print with high quality techniques such as Screen Printing, DTG, Embroidery and more. Come print with Printsome!

What is Good-Quality T-shirt printing?

In order to make sure you’re buying good quality T-shirt printing, run the following simple tips. First: Touch! High-quality T-shirt printing will never feel like plasticky or boxy. Second: Check the label. Most T-shirts don’t have a thread count on their labels, but they do indicate the material it is made of and if it has been mixed with something else. Third: Hold the garment against a light source and see how transparent it becomes. These are simple tests that can indicate the quality of a garment. Your printing expert will tell you all the details to take into account and answer all your questions. Just contact us and verify for yourself the customer service that everyone is talking about!

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