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Trust our embroidery services, we can embroider thousands of garments in just a few days

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Reasons to choose Embroidery

Why? Prints can recreate smaller details and blend colours in a more intricate way than embroidery. So why bother? Embroidery is durable, has character and is more eye-catching in general. Of all the techniques used to personalise garments, it is the most durable one by far. Modern threads and machines can produce embellishments that can withstand years of wear and wash. There’s also an added texture which printing can never achieve.

When we first think of embroidery, we often think of the left-breast logo on a polo shirt. Due to the huge popularity of brands such as Lacoste it is no wonder why. But embroidery is capable of so much more. Basically, any kind of garment and/or clothing item* can be embroidered and nowadays with new technologies such as 3D embroidery, the possibilities are endless.

* Not recommended for thin materials or fabrics that stretch too much like lycra.

The most typical kinds of clothing to be embroidered are: School uniforms, Work attire, Sportswear, Baseball caps, Polo shirts for any purpose

Our personalised embroidery process in 6 Steps

The design is digitised using specialised software — in order for the embroidery machine to ‘read’ the design, it needs to be transformed into ‘stitches’ and loaded to the computer in the embroidery machine.

Step 1

The machine reads the file and ‘learns’ how to embroider the artwork.

Step 2

The design is transferred to the machine where it is interpreted and the computer ‘learns’ how to embroider the artwork. This is a fast step.

Step 3

The design is transferred to the machine where it is interpreted and the computer ‘learns’ how to embroider the artwork. This is a fast step.

Step 4

The machine starts to embroider. The colours are added in layers. One by one but several garments can be printed at the same time making it fast.

Step 5

Once the machine is over, the finishing touches are done by hand. This may include getting rid of any excess thread or any other needed step.

Step 6

Unlike printing, embroidery doesn't require a drying period. Once it's done, we pack the garments right away and ship them to your doorstep.

Benefits of Choosing Printsome

Embroidery is one of the most ancient methods for decorating clothes that exist today. The earliest examples that have been found date back to Cro-Magnon days or 30,000 BC. To put things in perspective, screen printing (the oldest printing technique) dates back to around 1000 AD — that’s a 31,000 years difference!

How long embroidery has been around is only a testament of how reliable this method is. Of course, things have changed quite a bit since then. What used to be a manual work is now performed by machines. Large machines that are controlled by a computer and capable of embroidering several items at the same time.

Nowadays, we also offer 3D embroidery. This special kind works with foam to create a design that elevates itself a few cm from its canvas. It looks different but not to a degree that it doesn’t read as embroidery anymore. Not many are using it yet so it is a great way to stand out.

If you’re interested in our embroidery services, please, contact our printing experts (or in this case, embroidery experts). We will help with every step of the process, starting with the artwork creation and digitising process.

Trust our embroidery services, we can embroider thousands of garments in just a few days

Basics to prepare your artwork

At Least 300dpi

If you ensure that your artwork is at 300dpi, at the desired print size. Then you can guarantee that it'll be at a high enough resolution to print.

Text to Outlines

If you convert all text to outlines, then we won't have to relocate any fonts, so they'll be as you designed them for print.

.ai or .eps File

Vector based files (e.g. Adobe Illustrator files) work best for us, as they have no loss of resolution, no matter how big you scale up the artwork.

Learn how to prepare your artwork for personalised embroidery

In case you don’t speak graphic design fluently, Printsome is here to translate. We’ve decided to take this tedious process and simplify it into this easy to follow PDF, available for download. Do you still need some extra guidance? Worry not! Contact us and we’ll prepare the artwork for you.

Offering Professional Embroidery Since 2013

Thanks to over 5 years of experience printing custom T-shirts for some of the biggest brands in the UK, The BBC, Rockstar and Facebook among them, we have now the capacity to embroider and ship over 10.000 garments a week. Printsome’s agency model, where the client comes first, stands out in an industry where the process is usually the main priority. From the first moment you contact us, we will assign your very own printing expert who will take care of your order and manage the process from start to finish. The way we come through in a pinch, communicate quickly and keep our clients in the loop as the order is being processed is why some of the most important brands trust us.

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Printsome sales team

Hiring custom embroidery services with Printsome is just easy! Embroidery is an embellishing technique that has been around since the beginning of time but at Printsome, we’ve modernised it for it to work on the 21st century. This technique produces a high-quality and professional finish, making it ideal for workwear and uniforms. Because of its sturdy finish, it has a higher perceived value. Looking for custom embroidery in the UK? Most personalised embroidery goes on polos, hoodies and jumpers because it requires a thicker fabric for the logo embroidery to look the best it can. Yes, also, the most common use of this printing technique is usually logo embroidery. Printsome is a British online T-shirt printing UK agency that offers custom embroidery services, too. We are based in London, but it doesn’t matter where you are because we deliver all across the country. Are you in a hurry? Then worry not! We have two delivery options. The FAST service and the Standard service. Our fast option, also known as the ‘express T-shirt printing delivery’ is perfect for those looming deadlines. We can deliver in 2 to 4 days and sometimes even as fast as overnight. It all depends on your order details. Our standard delivery services are 5 to 7 days. Our main goal is to make personalised embroidery the best it can possibly be. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology and advances in the printing field, we can deliver all across the UK from London to Glasgow and Liverpool to Belfast in the blink of an eye. We’re an online agency but we have printers all over the country. So if you want either printed T-shirts or T-shirt logo embroidery, you know who to call. While most people think that custom embroidery is expensive for its amazing finish, it is actually no more expensive than the other printing techniques. It still requires setup costs, but embroidery prices are only based on the complexity of the design rather than the number of colours like the other printing techniques. This is because of the number of stitches the machine has to make to create the design. The more complex the design is, then the more stitches the machine has to make and therefore the more expensive the final work will be. Personalised embroidery is very versatile. It is also used for sportswear: teams and clubs. You can never go wrong when you choose embroidery to personalise clothing that represents your club, team or brand. Many believe that custom embroidery services don’t work on a stretchy fabric like lycra but this isn’t technically true. While it is true that the more a fabric stretches then the harder it will be to embroider it but it is not impossible. It is also important to keep in mind that the bigger the embroider is then the less flexible the material will be afterwards. Nowadays machines are more than prepared to embroider on these kinds of materials thanks to tools that are use to keep the fabric in place and prevent it from moving. All types of embroidered garments can be ordered in bulk. As you might already know this is the best way to save money, time, and you might not know this one, but also help preserve the environment. If you are an environmentally conscious person, then you would feel better when ordering custom embroidery in bulk. Why? Here are the reasons why: because delivering one package with hundreds of T-shirts takes the same time, energy and CO2 emissions than delivering a single one. If you need more reasons to order in bulk, then look no further. First It will result in a more consistent quality. The same production standards in every unit are guaranteed because they’re produced at the same time. Second: It will save time because it takes the same amount of time to order one and to order many. Third: You’ll be lowering the emissions of CO2 because we use the same resources to deliver one or hundreds of items. If you are not sure whether your project is a fit for bulk embroidery or not, just contact us and we will resolve all your doubts. That’s why Printsome is here for. Our awesome expert printing advisors are always here to help bespoke every order just for you.