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Embroidered Workwear to Present your Attractive Staff

Embroidery, the oldest technique that is still in use actually dates back to the first BC centuries. This technique produces a high quality and professional finish, making it ideal for work uniforms and other types of custom workwear. The most common use of this printing technique is logo embroidery.

While most people think that embroidered clothing is expensive for its amazing finish, it is actually no more expensive than the other printing techniques. It still requires setup costs, but embroidery prices are only based on the complexity of the design rather than the number of colours like the other printing techniques.

In the textile printing industry, Printsome stands out thanks to the use of tailor-made technology and marketing strategies that allow us to offer a personalised service that revolves around you, our precious customer.

Printsome does not work as a regular printer, it has an agency model that allows us to assign an expert to each client to take care of their needs in a personalised way. All of the items within our catalogue have been handpicked by our team to ensure the best quality possible. Ready, set, fire your questions away! We can take it.

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The Benefits of Embroidery

Polos & Hoodies
Works awesomely with embroidered polo shirts & personalised hoodies/jumpers
Profesional Look
There's no way you can go wrong when embroidering your branded clothing
High Quality
Long-lasting and amazing finish on embroidery services guaranteed
Cost Effective
Despite of what people think, embroidery is very cost effective on 10 units and up

File Handing Tips

  • If using pixel based images, make sure the resolution is at least 300 d.p.i.
  • Simple text designs and badges works best with embroidery
  • If using vector graphics, please make sure all text is converted to outlines

What to avoid

  • Images from the internet, they are usually of poor quality and may even be infringing copyright laws.
  • Low resolution files, like 72 d.p.i. Original artwork with hi-res is always better!

Embroidered shirts and embroidered workwear are common for uniforms in both workplaces and schools. While embroidery isn’t normally used for big, intricate designs, as it is normally done screen printing for personalised T-shirts, it is perfect for small details like logo embroidery on embroidered polo shirts and corporate workwear. Many businesses, SMEs, restaurants and bars use workwear embroidery to give their staff a more professional look. This technique is not only used for embroidered workwear but also for custom sportswear for teams and clubs. Embroidered personalised hoodies can be used for training during those cold, winter casual days. Also, if you want your team players to look more professional when they are not on the field, we recommend embroidered shirts, as well. Trust us, you can never go wrong when you’ve chosen embroidery to personalise clothing that represents your club, team or brand. Any business using embroidered polo shirts are guaranteed to catch the attention of potential clients and be the object of the competition’s jealousy. All types of embroidered garments can be ordered in bulk. As you might already know bulk T-shirt printing is the best way to save money, time, and you might not know this one, but also preserve the environment. If you are an environmentally conscious person, then you would feel better when ordering in bulk. Why? Here are the reasons why: First It will result in a more consistent quality. The same production standards in every unit are guaranteed because they’re produced at the same time. Second: It will save time because it takes the same amount of time to order one and to order many. Third: You’ll be lowering the emissions of CO2 because we use the same resources to deliver one or hundreds of items. If you are not sure whether your project is fit for bulk printing or not, just contact us and we will resolve all your doubts. That’s why Printsome is here for. We are an online T-shirt printing agency making garments printing easier due to our advances in delivering across the UK from London to T-shirt printing Glasgow and Liverpool to Belfast. Most embroidery goes on embroidered shirts, hoodies and jumpers because it requires a thicker fabric for the logo embroidery to look the best it can. We have a wide range with all type of garments in our catalogue, from where you can choose also the garment type like for example if you wanted heavy, fitted or quality premium. On the other hand, of course, you can choose the gender. Although basic clothing like the one to personalise could be unisex, in some cases man can not use women polos. If you aren’t sure of what to get, our awesome expert printing advisors are always here to help bespoke every order just for you. And If you are in a hurry to get your embroidered shirts, express T-shirt printing is always a solution. From 2-4 days you will have your orders if you choose this options. We also have the standard shipping options, feel free to choose what better will fit your needs. Why are polo shirts so popular as uniforms? You may ask. Well, the reason is pretty simple; they offer the comfort of a T-shirt with the formality of a shirt. Polo shirts also tend to be made out of sturdier materials than T-shirts which means that they retain their shapes for longer and are less likely to get wrinkles and creases. This is ideal for workers and students who may not have a lot of spare time to iron their clothes.

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