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DTG, Direct to Garment Printing

Garment Printing

Direct to garment printing, DTG, is a relatively new process and the last to be developed of the printing techniques we offer. This printing technique, as it states in its name, prints directly onto the garment’s fabric, meaning that contrary to the other printing techniques, this is the only one that you don’t feel the ink when you touch it. The technology was first developed in the ‘90s but it wasn’t until 2005 that it was commercially available and changed the clothing printing game forever!

DTG is ideal for complex designs, such as photos, that include various different colours, and some designs can only be printed with this technique. Direct to garment is not recommended for bulk shirt printing as it is the most expensive printing method and can tend to print very small variations from garment to garment. We recommend it for quantities of 50 units or less. You have probably seen DTG printed t-shirts all over, but now you will be able to recognise them!

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The Benefits of Direct to Garment Printing

Complex Designs
Can print designs with any number of colours, from photographs to plain text
Soft Finish
Has an amazing soft touch finish, due to printing directly onto the fabric itself
Vintage Effect
After getting used and washed a couple of times it gives off a vintage look
Perfect for images & photographs with high resolution outputs (300dpi)

File Handing Tips

  • If using pixel based images, make sure the resolution is at least 300 d.p.i.
  • Photographs and badges works best with DTG
  • If using vector graphics, please make sure all text is converted to outlines

What to avoid

  • Images from the internet, they are usually of poor quality and may even be infringing copyright laws.
  • Low resolution files, like 72 d.p.i. Original artwork with hi-res is always better!

Direct to garment printing, or sometimes known as digital t-shirt printing, is a relative new printing technique that requires more technology than the rest. But DTG is able offer a more high quality t-shirt printing finish since it prints the design directly onto the custom t-shirt or personalised jumpers. This printing technique give t-shirts a more fashionable look than the other printing techniques, but it is not recommended for bulk t-shirt printing as the complexity of the design required for direct to garment t-shirt printing makes it not the most cost effective option. DTG printing services might not be the best option for polo shirt printing, but is recommended for custom t-shirts that have a more personal used. Direct to garment printing can also be used on custom hoodies to give them a more edgy look or even work uniforms to make your staff really stand out. With our wide range of products including Gildan, Bella Canvas, Fruit of the Loom, B&C, and much more, the options to make any of those into customised t-shirts and printed sweatshirts are almost endless. Since we are a direct to garment printing UK agency, we can get your personalised clothing to you whether you are in Belfast, Norwich, Bristol, or Wolverhampton. Even if you are really excited about getting your custom t-shirts as soon as possible, we offer next day t-shirt printing.

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