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Screen Printing

Understanding Screen Printing

This is the oldest and most traditional form of printing. Did you know it traces back to China during the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279 AD)?

You can use this technique to print onto almost any type of garment BUT you can't use any type of artwork. Designs with gradients, shades and complex colours - such as images or photos - are not recommended for screen printing.

It produces the highest quality results, but its expensive set up costs mean it's unlikely to be suitable for small quantity orders.The more garments you print, the lower the price - it really is as simple as that. Prices also increase for additional colours used in your design and when printing onto dark coloured garments (it requires an additional ink base layer). It is worth noting also, that this technique is the only technique that can handle Pantone coded colours.

Screen printing produces a rough finish, but it is the most durable - this makes it the ideal technique for events and promotional giveaways.

General specifications

Artwork type Vector graphics

Suggested software Adobe Illustrator

File extensions .ai, .eps, .pdf

Maximum printing size Up to 29.7x42cm (A3). In particular cases, it can print even bigger images.

Colour space Not important, since it depends on the ink. Accepts Pantone matching, yay!

Artwork example

T-shirt screen printing artwork guidelines example

File handling tips

What to avoid

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