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Personalised T-shirts

This is our great selection of high quality T-shirt brands ready to be turned into personalised T-shirts. Whether you are looking for printed T-shirts for your next event or marketing campaign, or customised T-shirts for your business or personal use, we are here to help you out! Not sure about what t-shirt to use for your design? Get in touch and we will advise you on what custom T-shirts to get!

If you need some more reasons to go ahead with us, go check our “we offer more than just custom T-shirts section.

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  1. Fruit Of the Loom Lady Fit Valueweight T-shirt

    Ref. 61372
    An all new feminine fit and longer body length have improved this mid-weight t-shirt. It comes in a large array of colours at very low prices and is great for any purpose or printing technique.
  2. Gildan Softstyle Ladies V-neck T-shirt

    Ref. 64V00L
    This lightweight t-shirt is one of Gildan's most popular v-necks from their ladies range, boasting a fitted style and a mitered neck pattern. Ideal for any purpose or printing technique.
  3. Fruit Of the Loom Lady Fit Valueweight V-neck T-shirt

    Ref. 61398
    With a smooth and soft finish this mid-weight v.neck t-shirt provides a high quality print. Available at a very low price and awesome for any purpose, it is also ideal for any printing technique.
  4. Russell Ladies' Slim T-shirt

    Ref. R155F
    Great value for money on this low cost but high quality t-shirt. Perfect feminine shape and lots of colours. Ideal for any printing technique.
  5. Fruit Of the Loom Lady Fit Valueweight Long Sleeve T-shirt

    Ref. 61404
    This garment is a more economical alternative when looking for ladies' long sleeve t-shirts. It has a Soft feel, light weight and it's ideal for any printing technique.
  6. Anvil Women's Fashion Basic V-neck Tee

    Ref. 88VL
    A lightweight t-shirt which has a mitered v-neck and is both awesomely soft and smooth. With its low cost it is ideal for many different purposes and is suited to any printing technique.
  7. Bella Canvas Ladies Jersey Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck Tee

    Ref. CA3105L
    The perfect v-neck t-shirt for those looking for a more modern style and fit. Great value in terms of quality and price and suitable for any printing technique.
  8. Anvil Women's Fashion Basic Tee

    Ref. 880
    This t-shirt benefits from being lightweight, soft and possessing a fashion fitted style. It is available in a wide variety of colours and is ideal for any printing technique.
  9. Bella Women's The Favourite Tee

    Ref. BE6004
    One of our ladies best selling t-shirts. Can't be beaten in terms of feel, fit, quality and price. Large array of colours and suitability for any printing technique makes this garment the perfect t-shirt for any situation.
  10. Fruit Of The Loom Lady Fit Crew Neck T-shirt

    Ref. 61378
    This heavy weighted t-shirt comes with an all new feminine fit and a longer length. It is available in a huge range of different sizes and is ideal for screen printing and transfer printing.
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Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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T-shirts are a classic, basic garment that comes in many variations - not to mention the most popular piece in the wardrobe. We are a Custom T-shirt printing agency with over 5 years experience printing personalised T-shirts in the UK. This fresh agency is here with a fast T-shirt printing service for you. Printed T-shirts are a wardrobe staple for both summer and winter. You can layer up in winter for extra warmth and go for sleeveless custom T-shirts in summer when things get hot. If you are thinking about promotional clothing for your next event or company staff, our team of printing experts will help you figure out what’s the best printing technique according to your needs and budget. For example, screen printed T-shirts are the best way to advertise your brand among an audience you probably wouldn’t have access to otherwise. In addition, personalised T-shirts don’t require a specific personalisation technique, and every printing process of this type of garment is super easy. You just need the design, the fabric, and a printing technique. This versatility allows you to be creative not only with the design but also with the purpose of the printed T-shirts. For example, custom tee shirts are perfect for gifts because most people can and will wear them. At Printsome we will help you and will make things easy for you. Our main purpose is to go above and beyond to assure you will receive your personalised T-shirts exactly like you were envisioning them. We are awesome at production, especially when it comes to bulk T-shirt Printing. What does production mean? Simple, garments need to be ordered, suppliers must be contacted and the design has to be prepared. That’s how we have already reached the top of mind of our clients, you can trust us and you will love our personalised T-shirts. What to do when it’s time to start production? Here you have some advice on how to prepare the artwork for T-shirt printing. Along with your account manager double check the Pantone codes to avoid mistakes with colours. On the other hand, before sending make sure the format it’s CMYK because sometimes nothing will happen with the RGB format, but other times it could end in a complete disaster. All printers use CMYK no matter the printing technique, what does change depending on the printing technique it’s the saving format, so make sure your account manager mentions the requirements of the one you have chosen because some use flat vector layers with as few colours as possible, while others need 300dpi images. Don’t be afraid to ask your account manager everything you want and need, the better the communication between you two, the better your order will turn out. With Printsome you can choose from a fantastic range of different personalised Tee shirts: Adult, children’s, personalised women’s T-shirts, men’s, baby, school, heavy cotton, soft style, personalised long sleeve T-shirts, short sleeve, V-neck, round neck, slim, baseball, and even organic T-shirts! If you want to print T-shirts either for an event or your club or team, you’re sure to find a style and colour to suit you in our collection. There’s always a printing technique to suit your needs. For example, screen printing or Direct to Garment T-shirt printing You could even go into the business of selling your products. We deliver all around the UK, from T-shirt printing Bristol to T-shirt printing Cardiff and everywhere in between. What are you waiting for? Go pick up the T-shirt you are looking for and then start your quote!