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Custom Sportswear

With the right custom sportswear any team or club can look like they belong at Wembley! Thanks to our wide range of personalised sportswear, finding the right kit has never been easier. Don’t know which printed sportswear is right for you? Worry not, our friendly team of advisors is ready to help you out. Just get in touch! Or if you’re a step ahead, just get a quote!

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  1. Gamegear Cooltex Ladies' Training T-shirt

    Ref. KK940
    This high quality and very durable sports shirt is a fantastic value for athletes. Ideal for outdoor activities and is available in various flourescent colours as well as neutral colours.
  2. Gamegear Ladies' Cooltex T-shirt

    Ref. KK966
    A high quality and comfortable sports shirt that will keep you cool. Ideal for sports and team activities and is available in black or white with different colour options for the highlights.
  3. AWDis Ladies Just Cool Wicking Vest

    Ref. JC015
    This awesome premium performance vest for ladies offers great quality and value. It is available in an array of colours including neon bright options.
  4. Gildan Performance Ladies T-shirt

    Ref. 42000L
    This low cost sports t-shirt is ideal for events involving sports and activities and comes in many colours and sizes. It is most suitable for screen printing, transfer printing, and vinyls.
  5. Fruit Of The Loom Ladies' Performance T-shirt

    Ref. 61392
    Because of its fantastic quality and low cost, this performance shirt is ideal for team sports and activities. It is available in an array of colours and sizes, making it suitable for any team event.
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5 Item(s)

With so many options available for custom sportswear, from performance T-shirts to training T-shirts to personalised running vests, you are bound to find the perfect sports gear here. Whether you want to print names, numbers, sponsors or all three, we offer a great range of men’s and women’s personalised sportswear perfect to make your team be unique. Together with printed sportswear, you will also find here embroidered polo shirts for the moments outside the field. And when cold season comes, nothing more comfortable than personalised hoodies with the name of your team, numbers or your logo. Printsome is an online T-shirt printing agency that specialises in custom sportswear for clubs, gyms, teams but also we are the kings of promotional clothing and we have worked with renowned event and PR agencies providing them with high-quality personalised garments. Not only the high quality is reflected on the garment but also in our printing techniques. From screen printing to vinyl T-shirt printing, we carefully make sure that you receive exactly what you were expecting. How? Communication is the key! Taking into account all the pros and contras of the printing techniques, we are able to give advice on what's better depending on your needs. Dtg printing could be one of the common ways to personalise garments, but for personalised sportswear, there are other options. Cad Cut Vinyl, for example, is ideal for sportswear because normally numbers and names require just 1-3 colours. Furthermore, this technique offers some benefits like for example is durable finish, easy to apply, washable and can be used on any colours. The only disadvantage: it is not suitable for bulk T-shirt Printing. Are you the sponsor of a marathon? Imagine how many people are there trying to break a personal record with your logo or brand on the T-shirt, they are going to remember you forever! It is the perfect way to make advertising. At Printsome we will help you with either custom sportswear for woman or man for your big events. Printed sportswear can be personalised with different fonts, colours and wording. It is suitable for all sports including football, rugby, tennis, running, cycling and golf. And these are only the most popular sports who order personalised sportswear, the less common ones include sportswear for archery, darts, dancers and hockey. Every sports team needs a kit for games and performances, and most have different training gear. We can print whatever you wish on both training gear and clothing for matches and performances. All our performance T-shirts are quick dry, lightweight, comfortable and practical. The ladies’ sportswear is slightly shaped for a feminine fit. For men’s sportswear, we have several different style sports tops with or without binding. The men’s dash training shirt is a very popular choice within our customers as it has essential UV protection. We also offer a great pair of cool mesh lined shorts in several colours that are perfect for printing on and can be complemented by our customised sportswear T-shirts, vests, and even polo shirts. Sportswear printing means the team is exactly that, a team, and unified printed clothing can boost team spirits and make everyone feel they belong. And for individual sports players, custom sportswear can give the same kind of motivation as being ‘dressed for the job’ gives a sense of motivation. When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you can outperform the other team or competitors and be a winner every time! Whether it is sportswear for women or men, or personalised T-shirts in bulk, at Printsome we are ready to help you out. Get in touch!