20 Twitter Accounts Every T-shirt Lover Should Follow

Make sure you follow these folks if you want to be on top of it in the t-shirt industry!

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If you usually follow the Printsome blog, you might know that a while ago we published a really cool article featuring the best Twitter accounts to follow if you are an eager event planner. Since it was highly appreciated by the community, we thought it could be interesting to do so within the t-shirt industry.

So if you design and sell your own tees, or perhaps you just love personalised t-shirts, it makes good sense to keep up with what’s happening in the industry. Here we share a list of 20 accounts we think you should be following on Twitter!

#20 8Ball

Aside from featuring their latest designs, 8Ball comes up with tweets that honour the very fandoms that inspire their garments. For example, they just published a post with their favourite pranks from the office

#19 Worm Sign T-shirts 

Designed by Martin Lucas, Worm Sign T-shirts its a brand dedicated to electronic dance music fans, clubbers and dj’s. The account talks about not only their own products, but also the latest music news.

#18 Lush T-shirts

Lush T-Shirts prints slogans, not pics,on t-shirts. They go from witty to inspirational and there are hundreds to spark your imagination (don’t copy – use your own unique ideas).

#17 Teebiz

They describe themselves as “A How-To For The T-Shirt Business”. They want to teach you how to make money by selling printed t-shirts.

#16 Printsome

Well (duh!), if you don’t follow us already then you should. We not only offer great t-shirt printing services, but produce some bloody awesome content for our blogs, as well (if I may say so). 

#15 Billabong

The brand has been around sine 1973 and while the twitter account hasn’t been around for that long, it still features some awesome surf related content. A must follow if you’re a fan of the sport.

#14 Stussy

Süssy is a streetwear brand that’s been around since the 80’s. If you’re a fan of urban fashion and photography, don’t waste time and start following them. You’ll be glad you did. 

#13 FatFace

High street brand Fat Face manages to come up with some awesome t-shirt designs every season for men, women and children. Follow on Twitter to stay on top of everything Fat Face. 

#12 Weird Fish

Surf, sail, and ski brand Weird Fish is a hot brand that continues to come up with affordable, but cool printed t-shirts and other casual clothing. This account features all the latest on the British brand. 

#11 Cottonable 

Don’t miss out. Tired of the same old designs? Cottonble presents some of the most creative designs for t-shirts out there. Be inspired.

#10 T-shirt Magazine 

T-shirt magazine is an digital publication that covers the coolest t-shirt brands out there.

#9 Hide Your Arms

A blog about the indie t-shirt industry. Discover some of the best independent brands and designers out there. 

#8 TeeHunter

This is one of the biggest t-shirt blogs around. Their content is perfect for any superhero / tv geek. 

#7 T-shirt Factory 

They offer t-shirt templates, stock vectors and font design with Extended License. Follow them to stay on top of the latest trends in t-shirt design. 

#6 Fancy T-shirts 

Fancy T-shirts is a t-shirt blog showcasing all the latest in t-shirt design.

#5 Cool T-shirt Design

Cool T-shirt design invites you to share your best t-shirt sources. They feature, brands, designers, shops and much more. 

#4 I Love Your T-shirts 

A t-shirt blog with daily news, reviews, galleries and interviews. The blog features a quirky design which is reflected in its Twitter account.

#3 Pop Culture Tees 

A smart t-shirt blog that features some really smart designs inspired on pop culture.  

#2 Grafitee 

French t-shirt blog “T-shirt Magazine & Online Shop Designs, collections, brands, trends, inspiration & more”. It is not necessary to speak French to follow these guys since the images speak for themselves.

#1 Allriot tshirts

They describe themselves as a “voice not an echo”. Allriot t-shirts if the brand for the activist in you. Follow their account to keep in touch with their current and smart designs. 

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