The Top Events in 2016: Make Sure You Don’t Miss Them

The best events in 2016, we'd love to attend them all!

Best Events 2016

We’ve listed below 10 of the largest events in the world taking place in 2016. They range from marketing and IT events to the Olympic Games. Some are held in the USA, others in the UK, Europe and one in Latin America. We are always excited about big events so that we can see what promotional personalised t-shirts they get! 

Many of these events will be useful for business information and networking. We hope that if you attend any of them, you will gather valuable information that will help grow your business. The investment to attend can be quite large, but the long term value will be worth it if you select the right event.

Top Events in 2016: Make Sure You Don’t Miss Any

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona 22-25 February 2016

2016 MWC

This is the world’s largest annual event for the mobile world. It’s the chance to network whether you are in the mobile industry or use mobile platforms for your business. Over 94,000 mobile networkers attend. Business is created at all levels.

The Industrial Internet of Things, San Diego, 25-26 February 2016

Top events 2016

Aimed at senior managers, this event seeks to inform on the link between IT and manufacturing. The conference includes speakers, workshops, case study examples and advice on how to keep up with this changing world.

Microsoft Convergence, New Orleans, 4-7 April

Best Events in 2016

A business conference run by Microsoft for professionals wishing to connect and make contacts, learn from inspirational business stories and share strategies with others from all over the globe and from all industries. The event is also geared towards Microsoft products, developments and how they can assist businesses.

Social Media Marketing World, San Diego, 17-19 April 2016

The ebst event in 2016

This conference aims to introduce social media ideas that are new fresh and stand out from the crowd. Learn about the best social media strategies and how to make them work for your business. This is the world’s largest social media conference and one not to be missed if you want to improve your presence in this area.

There’s the chance to network, take part in practical social media marketing sessions, learn from social media experts, attend workshops and hear from top brands on their social marketing views (last year some of the top names were Cisco, Microsoft, Disney and Adobe).

The opening night party on an aircraft carrier sounds good fun too!


Women Deliver, Copenhagen, 16-19 May 2016

Events 2016

Focussing on the rights and well-being of women all over the world, this annual conference is attended by world leaders, women’s advocates, policy makers, journalists, and young people. The aim is to explore areas of women’s rights globally, where they are lacking and where they can be improved. The meeting of various minds of different disciplines promotes the generation of new ideas and strategies to facilitate women’s’ roles in the world.

The Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro, 5-21 August 2016

Best events for 2016

Not strictly a business event, but an event that can’t be missed for 2016. You may not be able to make it to Rio de Janeiro but you are likely to watch at least some of the 17 days of Olympic sports on TV next August. There will be 42 sports contested, including the Paralympics. Golf and rugby are returning to the games after many years. Just in case you are thinking of attending there will be 7.5 million tickets on sale and about 3.8 million will cost under $30 (so the official Olympic website tells us).

Technology for Marketing, London, 28-29 September 2016

The best events 2016

An event for marketers to learn how to use technology to empower their marketing strategies. Suppliers promote the latest technology and buyers view it. There are educational sessions for marketers on how to maximise the use of social media and technology to enhance the business.

Dreamforce, San Francisco, 4-7 October 2016

Dreamforce 2013

The largest software conference in the world, that is suitable for every size of business, from a team of 3 to 3,000. Business professionals from all over the world and all industries attend. You create your own agenda and decide which sessions you will benefit from, for example, meeting experts in your field, keynote speeches, women’s leadership, sales and marketing in the cloud and much more.

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit, London, 19-20 October 2016

2016 Best Events

Speakers will include (there are many more popular names on the list) Samsung, Acer, Siemens, Twitter, the BBC, and Lego at this event that will examine the future of digital marketing. The summit aims to inform and enhance knowledge of the digital world, and allow business leaders at all levels to share digital marketing ideas.

Entrepreneur 360™ Conference, Location and Date tbc

2016 Most interesting events

The event for business professionals working in any industry. Particularly inspirational for entrepreneurs, the self-employed, and start-ups, but also thought-provoking for anyone in business. The event presents a range of speakers over all industries who talk about their successes and fails, the crazy things that have happened, what works and what doesn’t. The event promises to be far from boring and should give you some tips on how to run a better business.
Do you know of any 2016 event that we forgot about and should be included in this list? Let us know! Write in the comments below or reach us via any of our social media outlets. In the meantime, keep reading the Printsome Blog for more awesome content.

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