10 Baffling Business Ideas that Actually Worked

Have a look at some of the most baffling successful business ideas! A pet rock, a glow in the dark toilet paper... Crazy stuff that actually works!

Crazy business ideas that actually work

London, UK: Swimming in the murky waters of the endless swamp we call the internet, we’ve some across some ridiculous, hilarious, brilliant? business ideas that against all odds made millions.

Yes, as unbelievable as it may seem, these are all real businesses. We didn’t make any of these up. By reading further you agree to free Printsome off any responsibility if you end up disappointed in humanity.

So without further ado, let’s pretend we’re not secretly wishing we had thought of these ideas first and make fun of them instead.

iFart App

iFart App

Apparently there’s an app for everything and this one makes fart noises. And you know who’s laughing? The developer – all the way to he bank.

Fake Wishbones

Fake Wishbones

If this guy could sell broken dreams he probably would. And if this wasn’t bizarre enough, the product is recommended by PETA for those vegan’s who want to try their luck during Thanksgiving without the guilt. *shrugs*



Goggles for dogs, who knew, right? While it might be easy to make fun of this one it is actually doing some good. Some units have been bought by the U.S. army to protect their furry friends’ eyesight from sandstorms and the sun in Iraq. Doggles with prescription lenses are also available for sight-impaired dogs.

Chia Pets

Chia Pet Gif

Can you imagine the sales pitch for this one? They’re pets, but  instead of hair they grow grass! It still became a huge success, somehow. Even Bart Simpson had one. At least they’re more ‘alive’ than the next product.

Pet Rock

Pet Rock

Back in the 70’s, a guy called Gary Dahl had the idea of selling rocks as pets. Yes, you read that right. The unbelievable part is not the idea itself, anyone can have a weird thought, but the fact that he went on with his plan and it payed off – big time. Dahl sold 1.5 million rocks for the price of $4 each. He became a millionaire.

Boyfriend Body Pillow

Gif from Glee's "Guilty Pleasures" Episode

Everyone gets lonely from time to time. Particularly in that moment at night, when we’re in bed, right before we fall asleep and start to question all of our life decisions… If there was just someone I could hug right now – actually this might not be such a ridiculous product after all.


Snuggie Gif

If wrapping a blanket around you proves too difficult, a Snuggie is what you need. If you don’t know what a Snuggie is, and why wouldn’t you? It would be best described as a blanket with sleeves or a robe put on backwards. Regardless of the ridiculous premise, Snuggies were a huge success when they first came out – and they just might be the perfect outfit to go with your perfect Boyfriend Body Pillow.

Face Blanket

A blanket for your face

More blankets. This one for your face. Next.

Glow in the dark toilet paper

Glow in the dark toilet paper

Because going to the loo in the middle of the night is too awkward, someone designed glow-in-the-dark toilet paper. We don’t really know if the product is a success or not, but the Telegraph reviewed it and at the time this post was published there were only 6 units left on Amazon.

Atomic Energy Lab

Atomic Energy Lab

Some ideas only seem ridiculous over time. Back in the 60’s children were not precious. Instead of round corners, parents had more of a if-they-lose-an.eye-at-least-they-have-another-one kind of attitude. That’s why when Chemistry Sets with real chemicals like potassium nitrate (used in firearms), nitric acid (used in rocket fuel) and sulfuric acid hit the stores, boxes flew off the shelves. It wasn’t until years later when some of these substances proved cancerogenous that existences were quietly taken off the market.

Did we miss anything? Have you heard of a ridiculous business we didn’t cover? Let us know, and don’t forget to keep reading the Printsome blog for more baffling posts like this one.

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