Infographic: 150 Years of the England Football Kit history Part 1

From humble beginnings to the top of the world, the incredible history of the England Football kit and the 3 lions told through infographic

150 Years of the England footbll kit Update: Part Two of the Infographic is now published and waiting for you

The history of the England Football kit is long and rich. Worn by legends and heroes, the image of Sir Bobby Moore holding the world cup aloft is etched onto the memory of our nation and part of our cultural identity. We have worn it in moments of elation and despair and, admittedly the latter probably outweighs the former but it’s a world cup year and there is always hope.

Part one of the infographic takes us from the formation of the FA in 1863 upto the 1986 World Cup in Mexico via a quick but memorable stop on a July afternoon in London, 1966.

It is 150 years since the formation of the Football Association in the UK and a lot has changed since their first meeting in 1863. For their first international match against Scotland in 1872, the England players probably provided their own plain white jerseys and wore the shorts and socks of their clubs. The three lions crest was worn on the left breast on that day and has remained, on the whole, untouched throughout the team’s 150-year history.

The England football kit has gone through many different styles and designs throughout its history with collars and buttons coming and going with the different kit suppliers. The technological advances in clothing design have clearly had a huge impact on the look and more importantly the feel and weight of each shirt with the modern Nike shirts unrecognisable in comparison to the woollen jersey worn by Arnold Kirke Smith in 1872. Did somebody say something about humidity in Brazil?

Fashion has also been a factor in the development of the national kit and the infographic represents different styles and trends like the long-hair-short-shorts look in the 1980’s. A special mention to Kevin Keegan for his efforts in this movement is necessary.

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