Marketing gone mad: Breaking down Gareth Bale’s marketing value

Do printed T-shirts of Gareth Bale and his face plastered across advertising and marketing campaigns justify his transfer fee to Real Madrid? We explore.

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London, UK: Here at Printsome we do a lot of work with marketing agencies, providing them with printed T-shirts for their events, companies or product launches. For that reason we always have a keen eye on the marketing world, so Gareth Bale’s increased marketability since his move to Real Madrid, and that being a justification for his transfer fee, has obviously caught our interest.

Is one football player ever worth £85 million and £300,000 a week? Can one man’s marketing appeal, plus his obvious talent on the pitch, justify that?

The overwhelming consensus appears to be yes. Despite not winning a lot of silverware, by their standards, Florentino Perez has played the largest part in turning Madrid’s generated income from $140 million in 2001 into $665 million in 2012. To put that into context, in the same period Manchester United, who have huge appeal in the Asian and English speaking markets, have gone from $220 million to $515 [via Forbes] – it shows how much Perez has been able to generate on the back of his galactico strategy.

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It’s not just printed T-shirts with Bale’s name on the back which will bring in revenue, but his marketing appeal with large brands, which has been seen as major factor since David Beckham landed in Madrid in 2003. The former England international’s reach “transcended football, helping to fire Real’s brand growth internationally between 2003 and 2007,” via Yahoo!

Now Perez will hope, having spent a world record fee on the Welshman, that Bale’s arrival has the same marketing effects on the English language markets. His image has already been used all across America by NBC to promote their coverage of the Premier League, while BT Sport used his image to promote their new television service.

Then there are sponsors like Adidas and Lucozade who are already using the Bale and Madrid combination. The former have already released a clever, astute piece of advertising featuring Bale’s, now trademarked, heart celebration around the Real Madrid badge.

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Deloitte list Madrid as the richest club in the world – followed by Barcelona, Manchester United and Bayern Munich – and their marketing of their players is arguably what separates them from their rivals. This is just the start of Bale’s image being used in a marketing format, although he’ll have to produce on the pitch to continue the expected growth.


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