5 Viral Video Marketing Lessons from a Clothing Company

If you didn't think you'd ever learn about viral video marketing from a t-shirt company like Printsome, then you'll be even more surprised to learn these awesome lessons from Chubbies, a shorts company!

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It’s every company’s dream to create viral content, the kind that recurs and keeps audiences engaged. Creative marketing for the Web 2.0 is all about savvy social psychology, understanding trends and perfecting one’s timing. And for viral pieces, sometimes it’s luck. But for Chubbies, a radical clothing business (men’s shorts) based in California, their success shows us that everything you need to know about viral marketing is in finding your niche.

We’re also in the clothing industry, albeit t-shirt printing business, so here’s our two cents.

Chubbies found their marketing niche in using funny Facebook videos. I’m referring to videos uploaded directly to their Facebook page, not Youtube videos that they link to. You can see the difference, too. While their Youtube channel barely scrapes 6k subscribers, their Facebook likes have skyrocketed to over 1,100,000, posting solid continued engagement with followers. So what are the lessons that this clothing company can teach us about viral marketing?

1. Shorter videos can go viral

Capping video length at 30 seconds means fewer required resources to go viral. Chubbies has some ridiculously funny clips, and rarely do they breach the 30 second mark. Here’s a video they posted to their Facebook page, which adheres to the below-20-second tip.

When you think about viral video marketing, you might be thinking about babies on rollerskates, or Ikea herding cats. But in the atmosphere that Facebook’s video platform creates, short videos thrive. Marketers take note: Facebook doesn’t allow GIFS. So do as Chubbies does and loop your short clips together, which allows them to serve the same viral purposes on peoples’ timelines that a GIF would.

Oh, and it might help indeed to push the fact that you produce ‘shorts’ about ‘shorts’. Can you find that witty angle for your social media channels?


2. Speak to your followers’ sentiments.

Viral video marketing is only possible when the video, no matter how short, speaks to the viewer. People who share content (and that’s who we want), share because the content says something about their lives. Check out Chubbie’s video about the week versus the weekend, and you’ll see what I mean.

3. Give the inside scoop. Make your team the protagonists

If you’re trying to create a connection between your followers on social media and your brand, you need to put faces to the tweets. Chubbies’ success with their viral videos is in no small part due to the fact that they include their own employees in the fun. A Facebook page is more than a webpage. It’s a story. And if your content lacks characters, then it’s doomed to fail.

Case in point:

4. Know your audience. Then show them what they want.

USA, USA, USA. Those yanks really love their flag, and the guys at Chubbies even more so. But their use of raucous patriotism is a calculated marketing decision. That’s not to say all 40 Chubbies employees aren’t patriots. They just know that their brand benefits from happy US references!

They even push it so far as to create a whole playlist called the Chubster Nation. Who’s their audience? People who love the USA, that’s for sure. The takeaway lesson here is to find what your customers have in common and exploit it publicly.


5. Combine all of the above and promote it

Short videos (or complementary images) + speaking to followers’ sentiments + make your team the protagonists + show your audience what they want =

Chubbies uses creative marketing to make viral videos


It’s the Chubbies guys! They have it all in this: a short piece of content (image) to compliment all their viral video marketing, the sentiment that we all like beer, the Chubbie employees themselves, and American flags.

Now that it’s added up, the most important lesson in viral video marketing is to follow up on initial successes. That’s what they do; when they see that a video is getting traction, they invest in it by boosting the post, promoting it to targeted audiences. This is how they grow their Facebook likes so quickly.

This is a formula that works for them. Now, it’s time for you to discover what works for you…

A lot like the Chubbies guys, we work in clothing industry, specifically the online t-shirt printing business, helping marketers and event organisers in the UK get their promotional t-shirts, bulk t-shirts and direct to garment orders delivered. But we’re passionate about creative marketing, so if you liked this article, you might like these other insightful pieces:




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