5 Viral Ads that should make you laugh

When done well, viral ads can really help people associate with a brand. Here are five examples which have done just that; hopefully raising a giggle too

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London, UKSo it turns out America does have a sense of humour (only joking guys). To promote the new Premier League season NBC’s advert, featuring Jason Sudeikis playing the new Tottenham manager, has gone viral. And yes, it’s bloody funny.

Ted Lasso, Sudeikis’ character, lives up to all the lost-in-translation stereotypes that are often associated with those over the pond when it comes to the football/soccer divide; from showing surprise at the concept of a ‘tie,’ through to congratulating a player for three points when blazing over the bar and promising the media that Spurs will make the playoffs.

We’ve since forgot about Ted though, instead prompted to lose ourselves in a world of other ads that have gone viral down the years. One creative video can really accelerate a company into the spotlight, and here are some of our favourite examples of exactly that…

Old Spice
“I’m on a horse.” No, really, he is. Old Spice made their mark on the mainstream with a series of viral ads featuring former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa, and they really hit the spot. We bet you hadn’t heard of Old Spice before – let alone used it. If your hand is up then we have a sneaky feeling you might be telling a porky.

You’ve probably been Tango’d sometime between 1991 and now, right? If not, what have you been doing? The world famous drink had seemed to disappear recently though, but they bounced back with a series of viral ads to let the world know they ain’t goin’ nowhere yet. Take that Fanta.

Tom Dickson will be your new hero once you’ve introduced yourself to Blendtec’s series of viral ads. All-American hero Tom gathers up a different product in each ad and poses the question: will it blend? From iPads to golf balls, the answer is normally pretty emphatically YES. The conclusion is reached in an American shopping channel style and, by the end of the ad, you’ll be inclined to purchase a blender. We’ve got four in the office.

Some questions in life in life are likely to remain unanswered forever. What is my dog thinking? Will there ever be a boy born that can swim faster than a shark (name the TV show)? Thanks to Evian though, we’ll never have to wonder what a gang of babies would look like skating around to Run DMC.

John Smiths
The idea was to pick one, but when Youtube has a ready-made show reel featuring all of their finest ads, it makes sense to include them all. John Smiths produced a masterstroke when they signed Peter Kay to feature in their “No Nonsense” advert; enjoy the lot of them here:


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